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Hillary Clinton Would Beat President Trump If The ’16 Election Were Held Today!

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 10/02/2018 12:22 PM
Hillary Clinton Would Beat President Trump If The ’16 Election Were Held Today!

Only 36% of those polled would vote for Trump a second time around. This reflects fewer registered Republican voters and a growing disenchantment among both independent and urban modern female voters.


By James DiGeorgia

How potentially rough are the mid-terms going to be for Donald Trump and his “Republican Party”? The results of the latest survey conducted by the Hill TV ( and a polling company, HarrisX, showed the increased popularity of Clinton among voters versus Trump.

The outcomes of the survey confront the Trump’s admiration among Americans in 2018 compared to 2016. Findings of the survey envisage that Clinton would bag more votes than Trump if the polls of 2016 would have been held today. The results were calculated from an online survey that was conducted among a thousand registered voters. This survey was held between September 14 and 15. The accuracy of the survey is within the margin of error of plus-minus 3.2%.

In this online survey, 36% of voters said that they would still vote for Trump. However, 44% of voters opted in favor of the Democratic candidate. 4 percent demonstrated their support for Libertarian Gary Johnson while 2% approved Jill Stein of the Green Party.

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The poll also showed a two-way race between Trump and Clinton only, and the former secretary of state came out ahead with 52% of voters choosing her after two years of watching Trump in office, who polled at only 40% in a hypothetical two-way match-up. In contrast to the presidential election’s results of 2016, when Clinton had won the majority of those who voted with 48.2% but ended up losing the electoral college as the result of losing five key states by less than 78,000 votes.

John Podesta, Clinton campaign chief, in a talk to Hill TV regarding the polls observed that…

"In 2016, I think a bunch of Americans thought to themselves “let’s just blow things up and see what happens… "Now that they have actually seen what happens, they wish they could get back to the strong, steady leadership that Hillary has always provided."

Democratic pollster Molly Murphy, in an interview with Hill.TV, who was involved in running the online poll said…

"I think that the [44] percent or so that said they supported Hillary Clinton, that's not enough to get you reelected”. “I think that that's people who liked Hillary Clinton who still like her, and still would vote for her again."

The findings of another survey also conducted by the Hill.TV depict similar results. In the respective poll, the approval rate for the Trump administration was recorded at 46 percent while disapproval was recorded higher at 54 percent.

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In another poll operated by the Republican National Committee in September, 45% of respondents declared their vote for a Republican candidate whereas 50% supported a Democratic candidate. Note that Trump belongs to Republican and Clinton to Democratic. 50% vote for Democratic candidate wants a check and balance for president. A recent Gallup poll taken between September 24-30 showed after weighting by showed President’s popularity even less promising at 42% versus unfavorable at 54%.


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