GOP Rep. James Comer Proves He’s a Blowhard Pathological Liar

by James DiGeorgia: Opinion | 05/15/2023 11:45 AM
GOP Rep. James Comer Proves He’s a Blowhard Pathological Liar

Comer has no evidence of any wrongdoing by President Biden. He’s lost his witness, if he existed at all. He is a pathological liar like George Santos, Donald J. Trump, Marjorie Taylor Green others in his caucus.

House Oversight Chair James Comer (R-KY) admitted on Fox News on Sunday that he has "lost" his key "informant" he claimed to have in his frost to justify his smearing and outlandish unsupported accusations of wrongdoing by President Joe Biden and his family to a stunned the normally dishonest and corrupt Maria Bartiromo, who has a history of defaming Democrats and making it up lies as she goes - and doing little or no research to vet her guests. By the size of her rearend, she spends her research hours stuffing cannoli's in her mouth.

On MSNBC, the "Morning Joe" panel this morning reacted with a mixture of incredulity and laughter at Comer’s blundering efforts to date. They held back from calling Bartiromo a tool of the far right who almost always bangs the drum for one outright lie after another.

Playing the clip of the Bartiromo, Comer interview "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough sat and laughed before referencing Tom Clancy's "The Hunt for Red October" and smirking, "So, comrade, you're telling me you lost another submarine?" Scarborough then continued…

"I mean, come on,". "You lost an informant? You lost the informant! The guy you claimed gave you all this information that you built this entire charade on?"

Conservative Charlie Sykes jumped in with another literary reference, addin…

"Yeah, the hunt for the great white whale isn't going well, is it?"

"It's never a good thing when you lose your informant," he added sarcastically. "

James Comer has been making one big promise after another while accusing and defaming President Biden and other members of his family. He's been promising big bombshells -- what's obvious is he doesn't; he’s a bullshit artist lying to the American people, he doesn't have the smoking gun, he doesn't have evidence, and he's lost his informant. This is beyond embarrassing. He’s another miserable Joseph McCarthy scumbag who hates our country and lacks the will to be a legitimate lawmaker.

The New York Times' Mara Gay interjected…

"I mean, the interesting thing is, from a disinformation perspective, this was one of the rare moments of lucidity, as Joe said a moment ago, where you see the emperor has no clothes, and this is all bunk. This is based on absolutely no real evidence whatsoever. Because, of course, we know that you don't just miss -- whistleblowers just don't go missing suddenly, so it is absurd."

Congressman Comer and his MAGA, fact-less lying dirtbags, are stealing their salaries and have nothing but malice for our democracy. The fact that they would allow George Santos onto the House Floor shows nothing but contempt for the institution. McCarthy and his disgraceful caucus, even the five from New York calling for Santo’s resignation, are complete fakes. They should be threatening to cross the aisle both on expelling Santos and raising the debt ceiling. They could easily cross parties and bring three more of the 18 seated Republicans that won in Biden districts. They have the power. Conservative Democrats are welcome.

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