Giuliani Didn’t Receive Trump Pardon Now Faces $1.3B lawsuit

by James DiGeorgia | 01/25/2021 1:44 PM
Giuliani Didn’t Receive Trump Pardon Now Faces $1.3B lawsuit

President Trump pardoned Steve Bannon and a slew of other criminals but refused to pardon Giuliani despite his repeated requests. Giuliani now finds himself sued by Dominion Voting Systems over False Election Claims. It’s just the beginning of civil, criminal problems that will leave the former New York Mayor broke, disbarred, and facing a prison sentence.


The sky is opening up and starting to rein a tsunami of legal problems in the direction of Rudy Giuliani. He had hoped President Trump would provide him a pardon against his federal crimes. That pardon would have had to name and identify the federal crimes he committed. That would have given New York State everything it would need to prosecute him for many of his crimes in state criminal court and would almost certainly leave him disbarred from law practice.

This morning the news media reports that Dominion Voting Systems filed a defamation lawsuit today against his honor, the former NYC Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani.  Giuliani acted as the personal lawyer at $20,000 a day for President Donald J. Trump and played a key role in the former president’s two-month-long effort to subvert, overturn the 2020 election by any means necessary.



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Wall Street Rebel has reviewed the 107-page lawsuit, filed in the Federal District Court in Washington, and can confirm that it accuses Mr. Giuliani of carrying out “a viral disinformation campaign about Dominion.” Giuliani’s actions made up of “demonstrably false” allegations, in part to enrich himself through legal fees and his podcast.

The Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit seeks damages of more than $1.3 billion and is based on more than 50 statements Mr. Giuliani made at legislative hearings, on Twitter, on his available national podcast, and in interviews gave willingly to the conservative news media. In all mediums of communication, Giuliani spun a fictitious narrative of Dominion Voting Systems’ plot to flip votes to President Biden intentionally.

This is the second big shoe to drop in response to Mr. Giuliani’s no hold barred attempt to overturn the 2020 election results that saw President Trump lose the Presidency by more than 7 million votes. The first shoe to fall came earlier this month when the chairman of the New York State Senate’s judiciary committee formally requested that the state court system strip Mr. Giuliani of his law license.

After willingly doing hundreds of interviews, Mr. Giuliani’s availability for interviews or even to answer a question has evaporated.

Dominion Voting Systems has already filed a similar lawsuit this month against Sidney Powell, another lawyer dedicated to overturning the general election to keep Mr. Trump in office. The suit against Sidney Powell, who faces also losing her license to practice law, outlines a point-by-point rebuke of one of the more outlandish conspiracy theories surrounding last year’s election.

President Trump and his legal representatives and political allies repeatedly contended that the voting machine company whose machines were also used by a majority of the country’s states during Mr. Trump’s victory in the 2016 election, has been tested by government agencies and was used in states Mr. Trump carried in 2020 — was somehow involved in a rigged the election, partly as a result of ties to a long-deceased Venezuelan dictator.

Among the outrageous claims made by Trump, Giuliani, Powell, and many others on team Trump included that “Dominion was founded in Venezuela to fix elections for Hugo Chávez,” the Dominion lawsuit says that is a lie….

 “It was founded in 2002 in John Poulos’s basement in Toronto to help blind people vote on paper ballots.”

Dominion’s Lawsuit against Giuliani lays out a timeline of Mr. Giuliani’s comments about Dominion on Twitter, his podcast, and Fox News; the company notes that Mr. Giuliani avoided mentioning Dominion in court, where he could have faced legal ramifications for falsehoods. According to the Dominion v, Giuliani lawsuit alleges…

“Notably, not a single one of the three complaints signed and filed by Giuliani and other attorneys for the Trump Campaign in the Pennsylvania action contained any allegations about Dominion.”

The Dominion lawsuit also links Mr. Giuliani’s false statements about it to the riot at the Capitol on January 6, noting that he mentioned the company in his speech at a rally for Mr. Trump before the attack, as well as numerous times on social media as the Capitol was breached. The suit states…

“Having been deceived by Giuliani and his allies into thinking that they were not criminals — but patriots ‘Defend[ing] the Republic’ from Dominion and its co-conspirators — they then bragged about their involvement in the crime on social media.”

Thomas A. Clare, a lawyer representing Dominion, has made it clear that the riot had not factored into the decision to sue Mr. Giuliani, but that it did show just how seriously Mr. Trump’s followers had taken the falsehoods told about the election…

“From a defamation law perspective, it just demonstrates the depth to which these statements sink into people,” Mr. Clare said in an interview. “That people don’t just read them and tune them out. It goes to the core of their belief system, which puts them in a position to take action in the real world.”

Dominion’s chief executive officer John Poulos said this morning his company took legal action against Mr. Giuliani to correct the record about Dominion and restore trust in the American electoral systems. Mr. Poulos said of Mr. Giuliani’s false claims…

“Not only have these lies damaged the good name of my company, but they also undermined trust in American democratic institutions, drowning out the remarkable work of elections officials and workers, who ensured a transparent and secure election. The thousands of hand recounts and audits that proved machines counted accurately continue to be overshadowed by disinformation.”

Dominion is a major manufacturer of voting machine equipment in the United States, second only to Election Systems & Software. Different models of Dominion machines were used in more than two dozen states — red, blue, and battleground — during the 2020 election.

Dominion had previously warned Mr. Giuliani, sending a letter in late December that told him to preserve all records of his claims, stop making false statements, and warned that legal action was imminent. But Mr. Giuliani continued with his false claims of fraud, even arguing on Twitter days after receiving the letter that “phony Dominion voting machines” needed to be investigated.

As recently as last week, Mr. Giuliani was on his New York City-based radio show saying…

 “So long as you have Dominion, there is a clear and present danger.”

Giuliani went on to push the claim that the 2020 election results could be rigged. He added that he had “boxes of evidence to support his claims.”

Dominion has indicated and is expected to file more lawsuits. The suit against Mr. Giuliani says he acted with other prominent conservatives and news networks, including Mike Lindell, Lou Dobbs, Fox News, Fox Business, Newsmax, and One America News Network.



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It’s widely believed that Dominion will sue the former President, Mr. Trump, in the days ahead. The company’s threats have prompted some conciliatory responses and attempts to cover their liability by conservative news outlets in hopes of avoiding a legal battle.

This month, the American Thinker, a conservative website, posted an apologetic note saying that its reports about Dominion “are completely false and have no basis in fact” and that “it was wrong for us to publish these false statements.”

This reflects both the seriousness of the Dominion’s claims and the quality of the lawsuits it has and can bring. Mr. Giuliani was one of the leading public faces of the effort to reverse the election results by attacking Dominion.

In its Lawsuit Dominion argues that Mr. Giuliani profited significantly from his false claims, noting that he “reportedly demanded $20,000 per day” for his legal services to Mr. Trump and “cashed in by hosting a podcast where he exploited election falsehoods to market gold coins, supplements, cigars and protection from ‘cyber thieves.’”

The Dominion lawsuit against Giuliani notes just how quickly and widely the lies and false narratives had spread leading up to the Capitol’s riot. Saying:

 “Over a three-hour period on December 21, 2020, the terms ‘dominion’ and ‘fraud’ were tweeted out together by more than 2,200 users with over 8.75 million total followers.”

According to Dominion’s lawsuit’s allegations, the reach of the disinformation about the company brought countless threats of violence against employees. Dominion’s lawsuit cites the fact that one employee received text messages stating:

“We are already watching you. Come clean, and you will live.”

This was followed by a voice mail message to customer support that said:

 “We’re bringing back the firing squad.”

According to the lawsuit, Dominion says that as a result of these death threats, it has spent $565,000 on personal security. The company claimed to have incurred $1.17 million in total expenses relating to the disinformation campaign after the election.

“Giuliani’s statements,” the suit states, “were calculated to — and did in fact — provoke outrage and cause Dominion enormous harm.”


                     Dominion sues Rudy Giuliani for $1.3 billion




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