George Will is Wrong in Suggesting a Need for a Third un-Labeled Third Party.

by James DiGeorgia:Opinion | 04/30/2023 7:14 PM
George Will is Wrong in Suggesting a Need for a Third un-Labeled Third Party.

In his latest column in the Washington Post, George Will, who left the Republican Party because he recognized Trump has nothing to do with conservativism, offers poetic prose to invoke U.S. history in order to romanticize a third choice on the 2024 ballot for president. He offers the justification that both major political parties are the same.  

To America's conservative lion of journalism George Will or, in fact, anyone’s suggestion that the two parties are identical beyond distinction at this point in history, and a third party might be an attractive alternative for the 2024 presidential election. I say bullshit.

George in his elegantly written column this week uses quotes from Senator Huey Long from Louisiana, who was assassinated in 1935, then cites the history of losing third-party candidacies of the president of Theodore Roosevelt (1912), Senator Strom Thurmond (1948), and Governor Georgia Wallace (1968), who made unsuccessful runs for the presidency to validate the need for an unlabeled right-center presidential ticket in 2024.

Mr. Will, unfortunately, ignores the political chaos from 1931-33 that led to the first propaganda use of "fake news" that led to the rise of the iron grip of fascism in Germany, the Death of the free press, the Weimar Republic, and World War II that led to 20 million dead. Facts that George knows well as a student and observer of history.

There is a huge diference between the Republican and Democratic political partys.

The Republican party, has succumbed to an authoritarian kelptocratic fascist-white supremacist plutocratic political ideology based on the fear and lies using "replacement theory", "critical race theory", that justifies book banning, unlimited access to weapons of war by our citizenry, and a future resembling that which was depicted in Ray Bradbury's Forewarning Fahrenheit 451 where truth is engulfed in flames. A state of ignorance that will allow the 1% kleptiocratic plutocracy to continueto contol and dictate to the 99%.

The Democratic party, by comparison, envisions a future of truth, a free press, un-gerrymandered democracy, equality of women, and the rainbow of citizen diversity that builds a stronger and more perfect union.

The Democratic Party is dedicated to lifting our nation's competitiveness by making college and advanced education more attainable. Improving the standard 85% of the population instead of guaranteeing impossibly economically efficient tax rates to the top 1%.

Democrats reject a kleptocratic fascist plutocracy that has so far been able to deliver a corrupt 3 corrupt justices to the Supreme Court Neil Gorsuch, Clarence Thomas, and Chief Justice.  Roberts.    

The candidates likely to be nominated for president are dramatically different as well. The former President is a pathological, narcissistic, sociopathic, megalomaniac, racist, rapist, and criminal grifter who is a traitor.

On the other hand, President Biden may not be the embodiment of perfection. Still, he is absolutely honest and dedicated to improving the living standard, ending the insanity of mass shootings, and preserving Social Security. Medicare and Medicaid and reducing the federal deficit through tax enforcement, accelerating technologies, and the efficiencies they will create to grow the U.S. economy.

No Mr. Will, the political parties, despite the polling you cite, 19+ months ahead of the November 2024 general election. There is no viable center-right moderate worthy of a "no-label line" on the ballot.

All a third party might do is split the vote and enable another convicted, seditious megalomaniac like Germany did in 1932, which lead to Adolph Hitler’s rise to Chancellor in 1933 and then to a combined office of the Presidency and chancellor to create the title of Fuhrer – absolute dictator.

Disaffected Republicans, Independents, and every last Democrat have to rally behind the Democratic nominee in 2024, presumably President Biden, and give him majorities in both the House and Senate. The very survival of our Republic and experiment in democracy is on the ballot in 2024.


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