Free Trade of The Week

by Geoff Garbacz | 02/25/2016 03:45 PM
Free Trade of  The Week

We are going to start offering a free trade of the week for those that are interested in following our ideas as a prelude to being a subscriber to any of our paid publications.

This trade was jsut recommended in Gold & Energy Options Trader. Good luck!

New Trade

We will buy calls on Mosaic (MOS) and find the April $25 Call makes the most sense at this juncture. The call is worth $1.88 on the offer side and MOS is at $25.34.

Call Symbol


The break even is a move above $26.91 by expiration the third Friday of April, the 15th.

Logic Of Trade

We will diagram the trade tonight in an update.

Trade Instructions

Buy to open at the market the MOS April $25 Call. If you are trading $2,000 in value, then buy 10 calls for a total cost of $1880.

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