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FOX News Declares War With FOX News Over Reality

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 05/01/2019 1:52 PM
FOX News Declares War With FOX News Over Reality

Fox News primetime talk show host Laura Ingraham went after Fox News anchor Chris Wallace for not echoing Fox News primetime’s pro-Trump talking points. Wallace presented the revelation that Attorney General William Barr lied under oath to House and Senate Committees. 


By James DiGeorgia

How divided is our country?

It’s so divided that FOX far-right political talk shows are starting to go after its news anchors accusing them of spinning fake news.  

Wednesday morning, Chris Wallace FOX news anchor asserted Republicans… “will have to do some rehabilitation to try to restore” Barr’s reputation following the revelation that Special Counsel Robert Mueller wrote AG Barr to complain about his initial summary of the Mueller report.

The Fox News Sunday anchor pointed out that the Democrats will relentlessly grill the attorney general because they “feel he has misled the country on the essential contents of the report.”

This was the nicest way Chris Wallace could have expressed his concern given AG Barr is on video lying or as some have said perjured himself during his last two appearances before the Senate and House Judiciary hearings.

Ingraham called into the morning broadcast, and described the Mueller letter as a “non-story” while openly bashing her fellow talk host Chris Wallace…

“The idea that Bill Barr set about to fundamentally distort and misrepresent a 448-page report that he knew would be almost in its entirety released except for redactions that were agreed upon; the idea he would set about to do that to what, ruin his entire career and be roundly ridiculed, is preposterous.”

 “Now, I know Chris Wallace at the top of your hour was indicating that I guess that he kind of agrees with these other cable networks that this was an attempt by the DOJ to spin what the conversation was between Barr and Mueller. So I don’t know if Chris Wallace has information that I don’t have, but that he is saying that Barr is perpetuating a lie about this conversation between him and Mueller?”

Ingraham went on saying Mueller is a “big boy” and would have come forward if he thought the investigation was being distorted or harmed in any way before saying that she finds the “reporting on this and much of the commentary on this to be harmful and frankly very disturbing. And I’m watching this in real-time, and this is not spin by the way.”

Ingraham made no mention of the fact that the Department Of Justice headed by Barr has been unwilling to allow Special Prosecutor Mueller from appearing in front of Congress to answer questions and to address his concerns. She failed even to acknowledge that AG Barr may have committed intentional perjury on two occasions when asked if he knew if Mueller agreed with his conclusions stated in his Mueller Report summary. She also avoided the list of ten instances of President Trump’s obstruction of the Mueller investigation.

Meanwhile, grumblings from other sycophantic FOX Trump supporters on the network have been directed at Shepard Smith, who has steadily pointed out President Trump and his administration’s lying.

The discontent of Trump propagandists with FOX news anchors and reporters trying to tell their audiences the truth is now turning into every bit the war we’re seeing erupt across the political divide.

Yesterday, another FOX sponsor pulled its ads from Tucker Carlson’s show saying they had no idea that show would be “so repugnant and at odds with our mission and values. We are blacklisting the show…


Alt:[Babel Apology]

Laura Ingraham was hit by a wave of advertiser withdrawals last year, and earlier this year because of her far right, white nationalist political commentaries.

The question now is – will FOX purge well regarded independent journalists and replace them with Trump sycophants or purge the propagandists? 

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