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Former Senator Harry Reid Insists US GOV Hiding UFO Evidence

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 10/13/2020 2:35 PM
Former Senator Harry Reid Insists US GOV Hiding UFO Evidence

President Trump is now reversing his skepticism over the existence of extra-terrestrial visitors and claiming he’s investigating UFO’s reports.  It’s important to point out at least one prominent Democrat agrees that there may be something to the UFO buzz and believes there’s been a cover-up underway.


The U.S. Navy’s recent declassification of both pilot encounters and film footage of high-speed air capable vehicles, drones, or perhaps extra-terrestrial aircraft capable of speeds and maneuvers far beyond our current military technology has sent UFO enthusiasts into a frenzy.


Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and even Senator John McCain before his passing have been taking reports of these UFO’s seriously for years. Both former U.S. Senators believed for years that the U.S. government has key evidence of possible close encounters with UFOs.


                       U.S. Navy confirms UFO videos are the real deal



Senator Reid, now 80, is claiming in a new documentary, “The Phenomenon,” that “there’s more than one up there” and even believes they may have interfered with American weapons and weapon development. Reid also says that the film footage, documentary evidence and testimonials of military and commercial pilots are just the tip of the iceberg and is claiming…

“There’s some evidence that still hasn’t seen the light of day. I’m saying most of it hasn’t seen the light of day.”

“We have it — it’s there,” continued the former Nevada senator, who instigated secret UFO programs in the Pentagon.

“They did everything they could to stop the program from going forward … they wanted nothing to do with this.”

In this new documentary, Senator Reid insists that the military’s resistance to his effort to expose the truth was absolute. Even one of the most powerful people in Washington couldn’t get anywhere trying to uncover what he believes is a massive government conspiracy to cover up what it cannot explain...

“Nobody has to agree why it’s there, but shouldn’t we at least be spending some money to study all these repeatedly occurring phenomenons? Shouldn’t we study this stuff? The answer is yes. That’s all this was about.”

Reid goes on to ask in this new documentary…

“And why the federal government all these years has covered up, put brake pads on everything, stopped it. I think it’s very, very bad for our country.”

The new documentary “The Phenomenon,” claims to be the “most credible and revealing film ever made” about UFOs and unidentified aerial phenomenon.

Lue Elizondo, the former director of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, calls “The Phenomenon”…

“The most accurate and informative documentary ever made about UAPs.”

The documentary features numerous former government officials, military brass, and those both civilians and military pilots and air traffic control personnel claiming to have had their close encounters or can corroborate witness accounts.

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher Mellon during an interview in the “The Phenomenon,” documentary says…

“These things are real; they’re here — this is happening now."

Are these incredibly fast-moving, incredibly agile craft extra-terrestrial? Are they top-secret new technology being developed as part of an ultra-secret U.S. military program or are they proof of string theory and from an alternate dimension?

All of this speculation deserves the question to be asked. Suppose these UFOs are from an alternate dimension or belong to an alien civilization, which was fully exposed. How would the world adjust to the disclosure of something so incredible?

Would first contact with an alien civilization from light-years away or from an alternate universe send the world into a panic? Would the financial markets around the world collapse? Would the world’s religions be toppled?

Then there’s the question of how the world would react to the exposure of these crafts and discover those behind the phenomenons had no interest in communicating with us and just continued to observe?

Perhaps they are Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) controlled craft and those who have sent them to our world are from a distant star system or alternate universes that are impossible for these aliens to transverse? Many physicists believe that it may be impossible for a human being to travel at even 20% of the speed of light because of Professor Einstein’s theory that matter contracts and becomes more compact as a spacecraft approaches light's speed. Many physicists theorize a crew of astronauts would be crushed along with their spacecraft just like it would be if it were placed in an immense trash compactor capable of crushing aircraft carrier into a cube smaller than the head of the tiniest needle.

Suppose the phenomenons exist and are not weather anomalies we don’t yet understand, and they are A.I. driven. In that case, they may not be capable of communicating with mankind. Given the distance of its homeworld or universe, we may be dealing with remnant drones sent to earth from a civilization that has long ago gone extinct.


                     The Phenomenon (2020) | Trailer HD

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