Former FOX News Producer Claims Network Has Explosive Secret Tapes

by James DiGeorgia: Opinion | 04/12/2023 2:28 AM
Former FOX News Producer Claims Network Has Explosive Secret Tapes

Urgent Pre-Market Short Recommendation: The Daily Beast is reporting that Abby Grossberg, the former Tucker Carlson producer whom Fox News fired, and is being sued by, is alleging the Murdoch conservative news network has secret tapes of Rudy Giuliani and others admitting that there was no proof of the 2020 presidential election being stolen.

Dominion Voting Systems was likely to win its $1.7B defamation suit against Rupert Murdoch’s FOX News, which is expected to begin in a couple of months.

However, the bombshell revelation just released by the Daily Beast says Tucker Carlson’s former producer Abby Grossberg (who is suing the conservative network for harassment and a toxic work environment) is now claiming that FOX has hidden audio tapes it has of behind-the-scenes conversations that, include Rudy Giuliani, former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell and Trump campaign officials. In these recordings, Grossberg says, the Trump team is documented…

“Admitting they had no evidence to support their Dominion election fraud lies."

Daily Beast also reports…

"Additionally, Grossberg says an adviser of former President Donald Trump pointed out the importance of January 6 weeks before the Capitol attacks, noting that the adviser said there were 'no issues' with voting machines and January 6 was now the 'backstop' for determining the election."

This is a disaster for Fox News and its parent company Fox Corporation (NasdaqGS: FOX), which has a market valuation of US$17.8B and only US$4B in cash and liquid assets- but has US$8B in debt. This revelation could bankrupt the Fox Corporation and worse.

If Grossberg’s accusations are true and there are audio tapes that were hidden or worse destroyed, FOX News and its parent is facing punitive damages well in excess of the $1.7B Dominion Election Systems seeking and potential criminal charges. A jury looking at this possible scenario could come back with a $10B judgment for Dominion. There is no cap on punitive damages in the state of Delaware.

In addition, this revelation if true, would put Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and all the Trump campaign officials involved, or had/have knowledge of these tapes’ existence at risk of being indicted by Special Council Jack Smith grand jury for conspiracy and obstruction of justice among other felonies.

Even the executives of FOX News Network, aware of the hidden tapes, including Ruppert Murdoch and his son Keith Murdoch and all involved, could be criminally charged and land them behind bars.

Meanwhile, we at sees this as a profit opportunity and our readers short 2000 shares of Fox Corporation (NasdaqGS: FOX) that closed yesterday at $31.47 at the market open later this morning. FOX shares could become literally worthless if this artcile is true. FOX is a dead duck, and it's Trump siccophant host Maria Bartiromo may never recover profesionally from this apparent train wreck.

The Daily Beast also reports…

"Once a senior booking producer for pro-Trump Fox News host Maria Bartiromo before moving to Carlson’s show, Grossberg filed two lawsuits against Fox News last month alleging ... that the network sought to make her and Bartiromo scapegoats in the bombshell lawsuit, all while deflecting blame from Fox executives," the report continued.

Fox News said in a statement to Raw Story

 “Fox has complied with its discovery obligations in the Dominion case.”

But, given the series of lies, deceptions, and the admission that money is more important than truth made by Ruppert Murdoch during his Dominion deposition, that assurance to Raw Story shouldn’t be relied on, in our opinion.

The Daily Beast also reports…

“Grossberg’s legal team claims that despite having access to her devices multiple times, Fox News “deliberately or recklessly failed to produce highly relevant recordings of behind-the-scenes conversations” to Dominion in the course of its lawsuit.”

According to Grossberg, according to the Daily Beast…

“During a recording in mid-November 2020, according to Grossberg, Giuliani admitted to Bartiromo that the Trump campaign couldn’t prove some of its Dominion allegations. Asked by Bartiromo what evidence he had implicating Dominion in rigging the election, Giuliani allegedly said, “that’s a little harder.” He also conceded that he had no evidence to back up the conspiracy theory that then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had an interest in Dominion. “I’ve read that. I can’t prove that,” he said.”

Again, recommends shorting 2000 shares of Fox Corporation (NasdaqGS: FOX) we believe the company is heading to bankruptcy.

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