FL GOV DeSantis Threatens to Withhold Teacher's Salaries

by Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia | 08/11/2021 6:52 AM
FL GOV DeSantis Threatens to Withhold Teacher's Salaries

Imagine withholding the salaries of teachers and administrators in public schools for taking steps to protect their students from a public health emergency that can hospitalize and even kill them that is reaching record numbers. Sound insane?


While Florida's Covid-19 infection rate is now reaching new daily highs, many of its hospitals throughout the state are on the verge of being unable to deal with the demand for ICU beds, respirators, and the needed medical personal. Florida's governor is playing politics that will cost hundreds, even thousands of more lives by ignoring the warnings of health experts who insist the new Delta variant of Covid-19 is exponentially more infectious and capable of killing not only adults but kids.

DeSantis won the governorship in Florida by 32,463, and at this point, 39,934 Floridians have died of Covid-19. The fact that more people have died in Florida than his margin of victory in 2018 has not shaken DeSantis' unwillingness to change course and take steps to protect the children of Florida from the long-term sickness and death being caused by the Delta variant. Instead, he's focused on protecting the freedom of those infected to infect everyone else in Florida.

DeSantis's far-right, ignorant handling of the Covid-19 pandemic has already created poll numbers that show he may not be able to successfully be re-elected governor in 2022. Now threatening the salaries of the underpaid teachers and administrators in Florida's public schools to force them to help the infected infect the un-infected, DeSantis is literally putting his death cult politics above the lives of over 2.7 million school children. Even if only 1.5% of 20% of these schoolchildren get in fact and die, as many ad 8,100 schoolchildren will die from the Delta Covid-19 variant. Say nothing about the chances of the virus mutating into a much more deadly, virulent mutation.

Political bumper stickers Governor DeSantis will see come as the 2022 election approaches will likely read…

  • "Gov. DeSantis Guilty of the Negligent Homicide of 8,100 Children!"
  • "Gov. DeSantis Incompetence Killed 8,100 Florida Kids"
  • "50,000 Dead Floridians Thanks to Gov. DeSantis"
  • "Defeat Gov. DeSantis Before He Kills Another 8,100 Florida Kids"

Keep in mind that if 50% of Florida's school kids get infected, and 1.5% die, the current fatality rate of those who have died during the past 19 months of the Covid-19 pandemic. These bumper stickers and tens of thousands of TV commercials, web ads, and videos could reflect over 20,000 deaths of children.

While DeSantis apparently believes his chances of winning the Republican nomination for president in 2024 is being enhanced by his anti-science approach to the Covid-19 management, he's clearly counting on a low hospitalization and fatality rate of his state's school-aged children and that even if the number of deaths by election day reaches well over 62,000, he will be re-elected.

Experience tells me that heal has no fury like when mothers, fathers, and families lose family members to intentional incompetence, much less children.


            DeSantis threatens to withhold salaries of school officials defying mask mandates ban

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