Federal Judge Engoron Slaps Trump with Gag Order: He Went Too Far!

by James DiGeorgia | 10/03/2023 4:01 PM
Federal Judge Engoron Slaps Trump with Gag Order: He Went Too Far!

Donald Trump’s big mouth has finally triggered New York State Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron on Tuesday to issue a partial gag order preventing former disgraced President Donald Trump - and others from verbally attacking and posting information about court officials.

Judge Engoron's ruling came after Trump shared — and then deleted — a photo of the judge's clerk, Ashley Greenfield, a clerk in Engoron’s court, along with an assertion and demand that…

"Schumer's girlfriend, Alison [sic] R. Greenfield, is running this case against me. How disgraceful! This case should be dismissed immediately,"

The posting of this nonsense was the last straw for Engoron, so after the court reconvened, the Judge called a lengthy conference in his chambers with Trump’s attorneys and prosecutors from NY AG’s prosecutors on Tuesday afternoon, which led Engoron to announce he would issue a "gag order."

"Consider this statement a gag order forbidding all parties from posting ... about any member of my staff," the judge said, according to courtroom reporter Frank G. Runyeon. "Failure to abide by this order will result in serious sanctions."

But in a statement Tuesday afternoon, Trump showed that he is living in an alternate reality literally denied there was a gag order in place, and said he was having "a very good day in court."

While the media hasn’t figured out that this gag order will likely be followed by another gag order imposed by Federal Court Judge Chutkan who has received recent motions from special council Jack Smith to gag Trump from making threats against court officers, lawyers, members of the press, and witnesses. Trump is also likely to see his March 4th, 2023 trial for election interference case moved up as much as a month, even two months, which could have a crucial impact on the 2024 race for the White House.

Trump being both bankrupted and found guilty of felonies that could lead to spending the rest of his life in either Federal or State prison brings into question his sanity. If he continues to lash out with threats, he could find himself and his lawyers in contempt and being locked up in one or more filthy prisons in Washington D.C., New York, or Georgia.

In addition, by forcing Judge Endogon to issue a partial gag order, Trump risks antagonizing the Judge and being hit with a much worse final result at the conclusion of the trial.

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