FBI Arrests Epstein’s Pimp: U.K Prince Faces Sex Indictment?

by James DiGeorgia | 07/03/2020 6:19 PM
FBI Arrests Epstein’s Pimp: U.K Prince Faces Sex Indictment?

Queen Elizabeth’s son Prince Andrew Duke of York now faces the likelihood of being indicted for sex crimes after the arrest by the FBI of Jeffrey Epstein's cohort and pimp Ghislaine Maxwell. There is no way she is not going to flip and tell everything she knows about everyone involved in taking advantage of Epstein’s underage sex abuse to stay out of prison.

The 60-year-old playboy, Prince Andrew, Duke of York’s legal team, said on Friday he is “bewildered” by claims he is not cooperating with the U.S. investigation into the alleged sex trafficking of minors facilitated by British socialite Picture of and the late financier Jeffrey Epstein.

“Bewildered” isn’t the right word for it, according to knowledgeable Royal family experts. The better words for his current state of mind are panicked, terrified, and caught red-handed. The FBI arrest of the daughter of the late newspaper baron Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell, one of those accused as pimping underage girls to Jeffrey Epstein and his wealthy friends, celebrities, and politicians.  One of the biggest questions Maxwell will have to answer is whether President Trump was one of the many powerful men that took advantage of the underage sex exploitation. Is this scandal going to rain down on him now that Prince Andrew is exposed?

This brings up the firings of the U.S. Attorney of the Southern and Eastern Districts the last two weeks. Is President Trump crapping in his pants at yet another sex scandal blows up.

Alt: (Photo Trump Marwell2)

Trump was supposedly introduced to Melania Trump by Ghislaine Maxwell at the Kit-Cat Club, the British socialite/ pimp owned.

Prince Andrew, in a recent interview, is claiming he doesn’t recall meeting and vehemently denies claims he had sex with a 17-year-old girl procured by Epstein or having sex with an underage girl that he took a picture of with his arm around her waist. The photo forced Andrew to give what was one of the most disastrous T.V. interviews in BBC history that immediately followed by his standing down from all Royal duties in November.

Alt: (Photo Prince Andrew)

Now a key witness of his sexual liaison with the 17-year-old girl and other underage girls may be corroborated by Ghislaine Maxwell. 

A lawyer who represents one or more of Epstein’s alleged underage victims told the ITV on Friday that the prince was “avoiding and evading” the U.S. authorities. 

“More excuses, more delays, it is painful for many of the victims. It’s just not fair,” lawyer Gloria Allred told ITV. 

Another Spencer Coogan told BBC radio, which is another lawyer representing alleged victim(s) said Prince Andrew’s royal connections were helping him to this point, avoid facing justice. 

“He has been hiding behind not only the royal family but his attorneys.” 

The U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York said last month that Andrew had “repeatedly declined our request to schedule” an interview. 

Now that Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested and jailed in the same prison facility that Jeffrey Epstein either was murdered or committed suicide, the chances of spilling her guts to avoid a lengthy prison sentence is a big concern for the prince.  

Reports are circulating that Queen Elizabeth is disgusted by the allegations swallowing her second oldest son, and that threatens to stain the honor of her family. Prince Andrew is facing the prospect of his being disowned by her majesty and his brother Prince Charles.

Depending on what Ghislaine Maxwell says Prince Andrew and many other wealthy and famous men from all walks of life could find themselves not only under investigation but indicted on a host of sorted, reprehensible crimes. The risk to so many is leading to the question as to whether Ghislaine Maxwell is safe in the same jail, or will she also mysteriously end up dead.

   Cartoon Trump & Clinton React to Jeffrey Epstein Scandal’

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