Far Right Senator Lindsey Graham Assumes Trump Supporters are Stupid!

by James DiGeorgia Opinion | 04/01/2023 4:34 PM
Far Right Senator Lindsey Graham Assumes Trump Supporters are Stupid!

Phot Credit: SNL Screen Shot

Doing his best Tammy Faye Baker Impression, the rumored cross-dressing U.S. Senator went on Fox TV with tears in his eyes, begging Trump supporters to send money to the twice impeached, defeated, disgraced, and now criminally indicted former President.

Trump has continuously bragged about his huge wealth during the last forty years. Claiming he was worth $10B in 2016. He’s famous for not contractors, lawyers, and millions of dollars to state and local governments for security services for his campaign rallies.   
Despite his billions in wealth and the fact that the Republican National Committee has paid his legal bill until he became an announced candidate for the 2024 GOP Nomination. “Lady Graham,” with tears in his eyes, went on FOX saying…

“If you got friends, make sure they vote. If you don’t have any friends, go make some friends,” he added. “But you need to help this man, Donald J. Trump. They are trying to drain him dry.”

Trump, according to Graham, has spent.


Graham went on to predict “This is going to destroy America.”

No, Senator, what this pathological twice impeached, disgraced loser fromer President Trump will be destroyed - is the Republican party. Something you predicted in 2016 would happen if Trump became the Republican nominee.


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