Far-Right GOP Wants to Use Gov. Shutdown to Make Birth Control Criminal

by James DiGeorgia: Opinion | 11/09/2023 1:26 PM
Far-Right GOP Wants to Use Gov. Shutdown to Make Birth Control Criminal

The far-right Republican party learned nothing from Tuesday’s election results. A large number of Maga GOP House members wasn’t to make birth control harder to get or even make it criminal for women to use.

The problem with political extremists who want to end the separation of Church and state is that they are so fanatical they can’t and refuse to accept the beliefs and desires of the American people. They consistently attempt to hold hostage important legislation or the confirmation process in an attempt to blackmail the majority into accepting their myopic and unpopular religious beliefs to pass key legislation.

So, in eight days, if a clean Continuing Resolution isn’t passed, the United States government will shut down, just as rapist, seditionist, and common conman disgraced former president Donald J. Trump wants.

It's the belief of Wall Street Rebel’s editorial staff that if making birth control either illegal or harder to access in order to re-open the government, last Tuesday's election results that rejected Trumpism and illegalizing abortion will look like a slight rebuke compared to the Democrat Tsunami that will take place on November 7, 2024, regardless of President Biden’s age. 

Another government funding bill from Republicans was pulled on Thursday morning after many leaders refused to back several pieces of the bill, including one aimed at overturning a law that barred companies from discriminating against employees who use birth control.
The birth control plank was just one of dozens of amendments that were added to the bill from Republican lawmakers, as House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) pledged to pass the budget by the Nov. 17 shutdown deadline.

According to Politico, more than 100 amendments were proposed in all, including some that drew rebukes from swing-district Republicans.

Rep. Max Miller (R- OH) called it “embarrassing" and "incredibly upsetting” that House GOP leadership had to pull the final passage of the funding bill, reported CNN's Annie Grayer. He went on to bash his colleagues for hyper-partisan amendments to bills that must pass to keep the government open.

The law being targeted by the House GOP is a local Washington, D.C. ordinance that prevents any employer from discriminating against a worker who seeks contraception or family planning services. The GOP bill would block that from taking effect.

In an interview Sunday, Johnson was asked by Fox's Shannon Bream about some of his extreme opinions and bills regarding birth control.

"I really don't remember any of those measures," he told her.

His feint at his loss of memory is as shallow and as dangerous as possible for the Republican Party’s electoral chances for 2024. If access of birth control is made into a major 2024 issue, the Republican Part will be wiped out from one end of the country to the other. The GOP will lose several governorships, state races, Senate and House races in red states and carry that baggage for the next few election cycles.

The denial of unencumbered access to birth control, the desire to rip up the Constitution by Trump, and the suspension of freedoms will doom the party to possibly the scrap heap of history like the Wig Party and relegate it to being known as a branch of the American neo-Nazi movement.

The longer Speaker Johnson and his insane extremest keep the government closed, the more damage it will cause to the U.S. economy, the worse. of a shellacking, the Republicans will take in the 2024 general election. They’ll, of course, make it much worse with proposals to cut and kill social security. Medicare and Medicaid. The wipeout could amount to losing 48 seats in the House of Representatives and 3 state Senate and House State Chambers, and four losses of governor mansions in red states.

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