Don's Lawyers Panic: Fraud Trial Cross-Examination His Achilles Heel

by James DiGeorgia | 11/05/2023 4:12 PM
Don's Lawyers Panic: Fraud Trial Cross-Examination His Achilles Heel

Disgraced rapist, tax cheat, twice impeached and criminally indicted in four jurisdictions, is reportedly enthusiastically looking forward to his civil testimony scheduled for tomorrow in Judge Endorgon New York Court Room.

Trump's lawyers are nowhere near as enthusiastic, and rightfully so, because Trump, they fear, will be pinned down on the value of Mar-a-Lago and hundreds of documents that could end in criminal perjury and conspiracy charges.

His sons Eric and Don Jr. may already face perjury charges at the end of the trial.Legal experts are warning that allowing Trump to take the stand and testify will lead to much worse than being hit with a $500 million or even a $1+ billion damage judgment that will put his business survival in a dangerous position but could also expose him to several state criminal charges that could put him, his oldest sons, and key employees of Trump Org. et al. in a New York State prison - for the rest of their lives.

The lawyers representing Donald Trump are desperately preparing for the likely fallout if their client is "pinned down" or crushed on the stand for his claimed asset valuations during his testimony scheduled for Monday.

Guardian correspondent Hugo Lowell told MSNBC host Alex Witt that the Trump team was concerned about their client's testimony in a $250 million fraud trial in New York.
"You know, his lawyers, I think, are concerned about two big things," Lowell revealed. "One is the valuations. You know, we saw Eric Trump last week get tripped up a little bit on the valuations of properties like Mar-a-Lago."

Lowell was being polite. Eric Trump was outright caught lying, insisting he had nothing to do with company valuations after being reminded his job responsibility was documented back in 2014 and he, as a registered agent of the company and its management board, was legally responsible for the veracity of the financial statements handed out to banks and other lenders. He even admitted after denying he was responsible.

Don Jr. admitted to the falsified financial documents. Sunk the case and validated Judge Endorgen's fraud judgment. As a corporate officer, the admission alone could be used to criminally indict him, his father, and Eric Trump.

Eric Trump's insistence that Mar-a-Lago was a private residence, then later reversing his testimony calling it a private social club, was the kind of mistake that broke the back of his, his father's, and his brothers and other defendents defense.

Putting the former president on the stand may result in him having to testify for more than one day and could put him in a position where Judge Endogron once again questions his truthfulness and, instead of just moving ahead at the end of the trial, forces him to make a criminal referral to both the Manhattan DA and NY State AG's office for perjury and criminal investigation. 

Hanging over Trump are his many public statements and assertions that were, in many 9nstances, right lies that the Letitia James civil litigators can use to impeach him and show him as the pathological liar and criminal so many in the United States believe him to be.
Remember Trump's inability to remain calm and collected when confronted with his lies. This testimony should be videoed because it may be the most dramatic since Humphry Bogart portrayed it in the famous movie - The Cain Mutiny.


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