DeSantis Is Perusing the Perfect "Appeal Buttons" to Lure Trumpian Republican Voters Nationwide

by Wall Street Rebel - Michael London | 05/26/2023 12:07 PM
DeSantis Is Perusing the Perfect

The primary motivation behind the assault on the Disney corporation, the largest employer in Florida, is the desire to enhance one's name recognition and visibility among the right-wing GOP. It is imperative that this DeSaltis recognize the reality of the situation and "Wake" up.


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis's stance is paradoxical, as it contradicts the values of the majority of conscientious Americans. Yet, it serves as an important manifestation of his dedication to conservative principles.  DeSantis has a model he is carefully executing, strategicically  and flaulessly conceived by mastermind Donald J. Trump that hate and putting down the little-guy equates to votes. Serious votes!

The story has undergone a significant transformation and has emerged as one of Disney's most enthralling narratives. However, the conclusion remains uncertain at present. The recent entry of Florida's Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, into the race for his party's presidential nominee has intensified his ongoing dispute with the theme park giant regarding diversity and transgender rights. Governor DeSantis has expressed disapproval of Disney's handling of matters pertaining to individuals who identify as transgender.

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The current challenge faced by DeSantis is a complex one, serving as both a crucial component of his cultural war strategy aimed at securing the White House in 2024 and a potential source of frustration as he endeavors to demonstrate his commitment to conservative fiscal responsibility. Stated differently, this is a crucial battle in the culture war agenda, albeit challenging.

In March 2022, Disney's top executives publicly criticized DeSantis' controversial parental rights in education bill, which includes the "don't say gay" law prohibiting discourse on sexual orientation and gender identity in Florida's schools. In response, the governor embarked on a tumultuous journey that he seems unwilling to abandon.

DeSantis is currently a presidential candidate and is actively searching for issues that would resonate with potential Republican primary voters across the country. He is specifically seeking themes that will be attractive to a youthful audience. Despite lacking coherence, the primary motive behind his criticism of Disney is to enhance his personal brand and garner positive publicity.

A rational response would have entailed expressing dissent with Disney's stance while acknowledging their right to express their views. Such behavior would have been deemed quite ordinary, but instead, one observes his persistent tendency to increase his wager repeatedly. Despite our disagreement, the decision has been made and it is incumbent upon us to shift our focus towards collaborating with Disney on other issues.

In response to Disney's criticism, the governor, known for his thin skin, has taken retaliatory measures. He has established an oversight board of political allies to supplant the company's right to self-governance. Additionally, his associates have initiated legal proceedings against Disney to nullify the company's self-awarded protections before the DeSantis administration. Furthermore, the governor has made an audacious threat to construct a new state penitentiary in close proximity to Disney's central Florida theme parks.

DeSantis has endeavored to portray Disney as a progressive, leftist entity, enjoying unique benefits such as generating tax revenue and overseeing development on its premises, which are not extended to any other commercial enterprise. He has achieved this by promoting Florida as the destination where the concept of "woke" meets its demise.

Meanwhile, his supporters persist in criticizing Disney's attractions and films for "indoctrinating" young people. Additionally, the company has been accused of delving excessively into topics considered "woke," such as racism and sexism.

Disney, the largest private employer in Florida with an estimated workforce of 75,000 cast members, has taken proactive measures in response to the ongoing assaults.

Disney has initiated legal action, alleging that DeSantis has engaged in a focused effort of governmental retaliation. Moreover, it is noteworthy that Disney had employed a strategic move to deprive the newly formed board of several of its functions even before it convened for its inaugural meeting, thus outmaneuvering DeSantis.

A number of DeSantis' Republican peers have expressed doubts regarding his intentions in singling out a privately-owned enterprise that attracts tens of millions of visitors to Florida and generates over $75 billion in tourism revenue annually. Governor DeSantis' fellow Republicans are increasingly embracing the notion.

Disney, a company that boasts a workforce of 80,000 individuals in Florida and is often likened to a sovereign state, has opted to rescind its proposal to establish a new campus in the state's central region. The proposed campus is expected to attract a workforce of 2,000 individuals from California who specialize in digital technology. This represents the most recent advancement in a continuing sequence of progressions.

The governor of Florida has stirred up a controversy as he prepares to declare his candidacy for the Republican nomination in 2024.

Research conducted by the Voter Study Group of the Democracy Fund subsequent to the 2016 presidential election, it was revealed that cultural issues, as opposed to economic concerns, were the predominant factor that distinguished votes for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

According to Aubrey Jewett, a politics professor at the University of Central Florida, the fundamental unifying factor of the Republican Party has been its adherence to conservative economic principles and the promotion of a free-market system. A significant faction has emerged within the Republican party that has diverged from the ideology above.

If such is the scenario, the approach that Mr. DeSantis intends to adopt in his conflict with Disney begins to manifest itself more distinctly. The individual in question is formulating their policies towards Disney and other companies that are considered "woke" based on the premise that the Republican Party's stance on business and the economy has undergone a transformation. This assumption serves as a guiding principle for the individual's decision-making process.

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DeSantis has faced criticism from various sources, including House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who both represent their state in the Senate. Nikki Haley, a potential candidate in the Republican primary and a former United Nations ambassador, recently derided DeSantis and urged the entertainment giant to relocate its vast workforce to South Carolina. According to the President of the United States, Disney has completely ruined DeSantis.

The Wall Street Journal's editorial board has cautioned DeSantis against further exacerbating a dispute with a business, as it could potentially estrange moderate and independent voters who are otherwise in favor of Florida's sex-education legislation and his commendable initiatives, such as the expansion of school-choice. Holman W. Jenkins Jr., a newspaper contributor, and editorial board member, authored an alternative commentary titled "The Stupid War Between Disney and DeSantis."

Ron Gidwitz, a prominent Republican donor and former finance chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, expressed his dissatisfaction to NBC News regarding Ron DeSantis' contentious dispute with Disney corporation. The prolonged conflict has caused apprehension among certain members of the donor community, while influential individuals are deliberating on where to pledge their loyalties. Gidwitz referred to DeSantis' behavior as "craziness."

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                      Disney V. DeSantis: Why Florida’s Governor Took On America’s Media Giant

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