Dershowitz To Newsmax: Giuliani Will Be Permanently Disbarred

by Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia | 06/30/2021 9:37 AM
Dershowitz To Newsmax: Giuliani Will Be Permanently Disbarred

'He's cooked' unless the Supreme Court hears the case.


Famed Harvard Professor of Law and practicing Attorney Alan Dershowitz predicted during a NewsMax TV interview that Rudy Giuliani would never practice law again -- unless the U.S. Supreme Court saves him.

Dershowitz ignoring Giuliani's continued confidence about his license to practice law being restored told Newsmax that a New York court's recent decision to suspend Giuliani's law license is likely to become a lifetime penalty.

Dershowitz pointed out…

"He can appeal this. He can seek a hearing, but I think he's cooked" "in front of the Appellate Division. They've already said it's likely that there will be permanent sanctions, which means disbarment."

"I think his best chance will be in the United States Supreme Court."

"And I think the United States Supreme Court will take a case like this because they will see selective prosecution. They will see that he had a First Amendment right to go on television even if he ended up being wrong, even if what he said was not truthful."

Dershowitz compared Giuliani's suspension to a recent Supreme Court ruling that said her school should not have punished a Pennsylvania cheerleader for using swear words off school grounds.

"Because what she said was outside of the school, the way Giuliani said things outside of court, the First Amendment applies."

Dershowitz chose to ignore the apparent differences between Pennsylvania cheerleader and Giuliani: an officer of the court and a licensed attorney. He would be held to a completely different standard. In addition

Dershowitz did not address a recent report that said Giuliani is facing a Justice Department investigation over lobbying for Turkey and other countries without being a legally registered U.S. lobbyist. Giuliani may also become a target of the inquiry for his participation and possible incitement of the Capital insurrection on January 6, 2021.


                      'He's cooked': Alan Dershowitz says Rudy Giuliani's case is hopeless



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