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“Deranged Donald” Finally Admits Don Jr. Committed Perjury!

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 05/23/2019 2:05 PM
“Deranged Donald” Finally Admits Don Jr. Committed Perjury!

President Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and his surrogates repeatedly denied Donald Trump Jr. some under oath; did not know about the infamous 2016 Trump Tower meeting before it took place. This is a bombshell admission, heating up, that fortifies the case for charging POTUS and his son with obstruction of justice.  

By James DiGeorgia

President Donald Trump staff, including key advisors, tried to stop him from going through with his rambling unscripted Rose Garden speech on Wednesday because they were worried he might do himself more damage. They were right.

Besides making it clear that he’s on strike and will not work with Democratic lawmakers unless they stop investigating him and halt any attempt to fulfill their constitutional role and oath of office of oversight of the executive branch. Demonstrating that the nickname…“Deranged Donald” that was coined by New York conservative George Conway, (Kelly Anne Conway’s husband), fits POTUS perfectly.

During POTUS’ rambling tirade of lies, misrepresentations and empty threats in the White House Rose Garden yesterday he also included a crucial shocking admission that an opposition research firm was behind the Trump Tower meeting and admitted his son, Donald Trump Jr., called him just before the famous Trump Tower meeting in which he met with a Russian lawyer.

Trump was talking about the meeting, and the phone calls that were made around the time that had been scrutinized by Mueller’s team. The president said that his son…

“Donald Trump Jr. called him just before the famous Trump Tower meeting in which he met with a Russian lawyer.”

The admission puts President Trump’s oldest son in the position of now being charged with perjury for material lies he proffered under sworn testimony he gave in front of both Congress and Senate committee hearings that were held behind closed doors.

Trump’s assertion also shows that Donald Trump Jr. lied to the American people during many interviews with FOX anchors in which he insisted that his father knew nothing about the Trump Tower meeting. Also others like Hope Hicks and Jared Kushner who supported his assertion that President Trump knew nothing about the meeting might have even committed congressional perjury.


Trump’s staff concerns about his press conference were proven on target. His admission of knowing about the meeting is just another revelation in the long string of disclosures about that meeting, many that were proven as outright lies from the very beginning.


Keep in mind …“Deranged Donald” told Reuters that he didn’t know about the meeting until the New York Times broke a story on it.

When the Times wrote that story, Trump Jr. released a statement saying his father had nothing to do with the statement crafted on Airforce One with the help of Hope Hicks and lawyers returning from his first European trip as President. Later, the White House admitted he at least helped his son put the statement together.

Then, in the summer of 2018, Trump’s longtime attorney Michael Cohen said under oath that the president knew about the meeting in advance.

The Press swamped with as many as 29 Trump-related scandals under investigation hasn’t caught on to this bombshell confession by President Trump. However, you can expect that it will become a huge issue. This admission will have a catastrophic effect on President Trump’s arguments that the Mueller investigation is a “Russian Hoax” and on his appeals to the judiciary regarding his refusal to honor congressional subpoenas.


“Deranged Donald” has a long history of admitting to crimes and criminal intent publically. This admission will help demonstrate to the courts that Congress has a legitimate interest in Trump’s tax returns, and in questioning Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, former White House Lawyer Don Meghan as well as Donald Trump Jr. and Hope Hicks. Hopefully, the questioning of each will carried out by a professional prosecutor(s) and not be the elected officials over a few days.  

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