Delta Covid Infections, Hospitalizations & Deaths Rising

by Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia | 12/09/2021 3:43 PM
Delta Covid Infections, Hospitalizations & Deaths Rising

The world's financial markets panicked last week over the new Omnicon variant. The reality is that there is genuine concern that tens of millions of unvaccinated "Typhoid Mary’s" in the United States and around the world will kill millions of their vaccinated and unvaccinated neighbors and give birth to a new deadly Alpha/Omega variant.


Last week the panic over the potential danger of the new Covid variant Omincon sent the world's financial markets into a panic.

Although it now appears that, a third vaccination can negate the Omicron threat. Millions of anti-vaxxers have not protected themselves yet from the delta variant. The Delta variant is now infecting over 120,000 people and killing 1,275 on average per day over the running 14-day average.

Alt: [Chart New Cases new Deaths]

To date, over 810,000 people in the United States have died of Covid, even though 200,000 million Americans have been vaccinated.

This sadly implies that by the end of 2022, Covid might kill another 484,000 Americans due to the Trumpist Republican party's anti-vax hysteria.  Keep in mind that globally over 5.2 million have already died from the virus. Another 2.9 million are likely to die worldwide at the current pace of fatalities.

The potential danger of these additional deaths through 2022 isn't the only risk. There is a risk of a genuine doomsday Alpha/Omega variant of Covid that signifies the combination of the first and last letter in the Greek alphabet - the beginning and end of humanity.

Medical researchers, scientists, and physicians worldwide are worried a Covid variant could mutate impervious to the developed vaccines and the prophylactic and post-infection.  In this nightmare scenario, that is a genuine risk of becoming a reality; billions of people worldwide and tens of millions, perhaps a ghastly higher number of Americans could die. In other words, conspiracy theorists, many of whom are part of the Republican Trump fan club, are not willing to get vaccinated. This could be the most dangerous death cult in history.

What appears to be a false alarm over the Omicron Covid variant may help fuel the danger of not just a new winter wave of the Delta variant that is now spiking infections, hospitalizations, and deaths capable of another 484,000 American death by the end of this upcoming New Year, the danger of an Alpha/Omega variant suddenly popping up as we have seen with Omicron.

The insanity of the Trumpist Republican party and the anti-vaxxers that support it could be a catalyst that brings on the collapse of the world's financial markets and the global financial system.

Wall Street Rebel recommends that every reader and adult American consider buying small gold 1/10 ounce bullion coins and small silver coins for emergency survival resources.

Small gold and silver coins can be bought in local coins shops. Shop around, and you will find that you can purchase small 1/10 ounce gold and 1-ounce silver coins and bars that trade with a 5-10% buy-sell spread.

Confirming an Alpha/Omega outbreak will set off a panic ten times worse than we saw with the recent Omicron panic on Wall Street. Instead of the panic fading in a week or two, as it appears to be the case with Omicron, we could see a complete civil breakdown.  Having a cache of guns and weapons may prove wise even for pacifist liberals and progressives.  However, having small gold and silver coins could make the difference in surviving a near-human extinction event.

Within 48 hours of the announcement that an Alpha/Omega variant existing, and is confirmed here in the United States, Supermarkets, large bulk warehouse stores will be wiped out by 50+ Million Americans in full panic. It will make the panic we saw in 2020 look like a hiccup. 

Thanks to Trump anti-vaxxers, conspiracy nuts, and GOP lawmakers, the danger is real and growing.  

The rising infection rate of the Delta variant could wind up killing not only an additional 484,000 Americans but could also lead to the deaths of a large number of the 130 million Americans that remain unvaccinated.

It used to be a cry from people who were crazy to stock up on toilet paper and paper towels, prescription drugs, canned and dehydrated food, gas, and so on.

We should think about taking these steps today if we see the number of people killed in the United States from Delta rise to over 3,000 a day or if news reports from all over the world confirm the existence of a new Covid variant (Alpha/Omega). That name will not be used until it starts killing hundreds of thousands of people a day.

Instead, focus on any new variant that turns out to be a lot more infectious than Delta, which kills many people who get it. A new Alpha/Omega variant will be called that name when it's out. Most people on the planet will die out like dinosaurs by then.

This nightmare about apoptosis doesn't happen, but let's prepare as best we can if it does.

Let's hope that this apoptosis nightmare never comes true, but let's be as prepared as we possibly can in case it does. Remember, the dinosaurs didn't believe the end was coming until disaster struck.


                       The Omicron variant is 4 times more transmissible than Delta: Study




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