Crypto Markets are Seeking Safer Havens as the US Cracks Down on Anarchy

by Wall Street Rebel - Michael London | 06/07/2023 10:12 AM
Crypto Markets are Seeking Safer Havens as the US Cracks Down on Anarchy

The Securities and Exchange Commission's recent actions indicate a coordinated endeavor to require cryptocurrency enterprises that provide securities to comply with the same regulations as traditional stock and bond markets. Many crypto companies are seeking refuge overseas.


A century and a half ago, intrepid Americans embarked on a westward journey across the untamed frontier in pursuit of their fortunes amidst the exhilarating gold rush. The alluring promise of this land was quickly tarnished by the insatiable greed and rampant lawlessness that transformed it into a veritable Wild West. Regrettably, the few exploited the many's dreams, leading to a state of affairs that was nothing short of disheartening.

The advent of crypto-assets has regrettably ushered in a period of turbulence and vulnerability, a stark contrast to the assurances they once held. A novel frontier is being forged, reminiscent of yore's untamed and lawless Wild West.

As we leapfrog one hundred and fifty years into the future, we find ourselves amidst a worldwide economic downturn and a mounting skepticism toward traditional financial institutions. However, with the rapid advancement of technology, a novel aspiration has emerged - an unbridled digital frenzy akin to the gold rush of yesteryear, free from the constraints of governmental oversight.

The current situation necessitates ensuring that crypto-assets are only used within well-defined, controlled limitations and for goals that benefit society. The public's growing appetite for digital assets and currency needs an immediate reaction from authorities. It is their responsibility to guarantee that sovereign money is digitally compatible.

The S.E.C. filed a lawsuit against Coinbase on Tuesday to end what they perceive as a period of disorder in the digital currency realm. The S.E.C., the primary regulatory agency in the United States, has asserted that the largest cryptocurrency trading platform in the nation breached the law by neglecting to register as a broker.

Following accusations that Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency trading platform, provided misleading information to American regulators and investors regarding its operations and mishandled customer funds, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the top securities regulatory agency in the United States, has initiated legal action against the firm. This legal action follows the accusations above made against Binance.

Federal authorities have recently initiated actions against significant players in the cryptocurrency industry, while state-level lawsuits have also contributed to the regulatory transformation. The primary objective is to reform the industry by closely scrutinizing digital asset exchanges as conventional financial institutions while eliminating unscrupulous individuals or entities.

The S.E.C. has initiated legal proceedings against Coinbase, the leading cryptocurrency trading platform in the United States, to end the era of disorder in the cryptocurrency industry. According to the SEC, the company has violated regulations by neglecting registering as a broker.

Following allegations that Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency trading platform, had provided misleading information to American regulators and investors regarding its operations and mishandled customer funds, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the foremost securities regulator in the United States, has promptly taken action. The S.E.C. has initiated legal action against Binance, representing a noteworthy advancement in the continuous examination of the cryptocurrency sector.

Federal regulators have recently initiated legal actions against significant players in the cryptocurrency industry, significantly impacting the sector. These actions have been accompanied by a series of lawsuits at the state level, all to restructure the digital assets industry. The primary objective is to establish a conventional regulatory structure for cryptocurrency exchanges while concurrently eliminating any unscrupulous entities from the industry.

The S.E.C. released a filing on Tuesday, elaborating on how the leadership team at Coinbase demonstrated an understanding of the regulatory framework that governs the marketing and sale of digital assets in the United States, despite their failure to comply with it.

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As the tide of government enforcement crashes upon the shores of the cryptocurrency world, the industry is undergoing a transformative metamorphosis.

Coinbase, the renowned cryptocurrency exchange, has recently established a new business venture in the picturesque island nation of Bermuda. In a bid to expand its operations, Gemini, a formidable contender hailing from the bustling metropolis of New York, has set its sights on obtaining a coveted license in the United Arab Emirates. Bittrex, a Seattle-based exchange, has ceased its U.S. operations.

Following years of arduous efforts to influence federal regulation in the United States, an increasing number of American cryptocurrency enterprises - particularly the exchanges that facilitate the buying and selling digital tokens - are contemplating strategies to expand their operations overseas. As they venture into uncharted territories, they contemplate the prospect of bidding adieu to their homeland.

In response to an increasingly stringent law enforcement crackdown, the United States has emerged as one of the world's most rigorous cryptocurrency regulators, prompting these strategic maneuvers. Tuesday witnessed a highly anticipated legal action by the Securities and Exchange Commission against Coinbase, wherein the regulatory body contended that the exchange had been promoting securities without the requisite registration. S.E.C. made a bold move by filing a lawsuit against the esteemed international cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. The regulatory body seeks to prevent the exchange's founder from participating in the U.S. securities market. This development occurred a mere day prior to the present moment.

The introduction of enforcement measures represents a significant moment for an industry that had been gradually gaining recognition in the mainstream consciousness just a year ago. The origin of cryptocurrencies can be traced to a period when the concept of a financial system that operated independently of government intervention was gaining popularity. The individuals responsible for this innovative concept envisioned a decentralized platform that would function independently of regulatory authorities. In 2021, during the market's notable upswing, crypto enterprises adeptly established a lobbying mechanism in the nation's capital. Their aim was to transform into a law-abiding industry and collaborate with the government.

Unfortunately, the endeavor has not yielded significant results. During the preceding year, a series of cryptocurrency mishaps generated a widespread feeling of doubt in the sector. Recently, the previously cordial relationship among Congress, regulators, and the public has deteriorated, with a noticeable atmosphere of hostility prevailing.

Nic Carter, a founder of Castle Island Ventures - a prominent crypto venture capital firm, has expressed that departing from the United States has become a major topic of discussion and contemplation among crypto start-ups in contemporary times. One might contemplate moving to the serene Cayman Islands, the vibrant metropolis of London, or the scenic island of Bermuda. Alternatively, a significant proportion of an organization's executive team could be located in the dynamic cities of Hong Kong or Dubai.

In theory, a significant deviation from the United States could hinder the capacity of Americans to participate in digital currency trading and the investigation of innovative cryptocurrency offerings. It is important to acknowledge that not all cryptocurrency businesses in the United States are inclined to pursue relocation. Companies focused on the intricate practice of Bitcoin mining have increasingly turned to the United States to follow affordable energy. As mentioned above, the process is recognized for its significant energy consumption, prompting firms to explore areas where electricity is more economically viable. Despite the global expansion of crypto companies, they remain committed to advocating for more favorable regulations in the nation's capital.

In recent months, there has been a tense relationship between the cryptocurrency industry and regulators in the United States. The escalating tension can be attributed to the recent appointment of Gary Gensler as the Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission, widely recognized for his critical stance towards the cryptocurrency industry. For 24 months, the Securities and Exchange Commission has strongly argued that most cryptocurrencies should be classified as securities, similar to the stocks traded on Wall Street. This categorization would require cryptocurrency businesses to formally register with the regulatory agency and comply with stringent disclosure requirements.

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In response to the evolving regulatory environment in Washington, Coinbase and other leading American cryptocurrency companies have effectively utilized their lobbying capabilities to advocate for tailored regulations that address the distinctive requirements of the digital asset industry. As the lack of success in these efforts became more evident, several cryptocurrency businesses shifted their focus to international markets.

In April, during a conference in London, Mr. Armstrong, a prominent finance figure, expressed his opinion that the United States requires clearer regulations regarding cryptocurrency. If the United States fails to provide this," he stated, "these enterprises will inevitably be constructed in foreign territories.

Coinbase had already initiated the trajectory in that direction. In May, the company issued a significant announcement regarding establishing an international exchange in Bermuda. This platform would facilitate international users to participate in trade distinguished by its high-risk, high-reward attributes, which are presently prohibited in the United States.

In a statement announcing its new venture, Coinbase expressed its strong commitment to the United States. It has been observed that multiple countries are strategically establishing themselves as hubs for cryptocurrency operations. Unfortunately, despite a sincere request for clarification, the company did not respond and neglected to provide a statement.

Kristin Smith, CEO of the Blockchain Association, a leading cryptocurrency advocacy organization, emphasizes the cautious approach adopted by some countries. Instead of pursuing legal action, these nations have opted to assess the market risks and develop innovative regulations thoroughly. As we commence this exciting endeavor, we will observe a multitude of innovative projects and skilled developers making their first appearance in international territories.

Although the idea of complete abandonment of the United States is conceivable, it is unlikely to occur in the near future. The world of cryptocurrency is known for its widespread global presence, with numerous enterprises across Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. Coinbase is preparing to confront the legal action taken by the Securities and Exchange Commission. If successful, this could equip the industry with a new set of tools to support the regulatory framework it seeks.

With the increasing number of enforcement actions, an expanding group of cryptocurrency companies in the United States is exploring opportunities to expand their reach by entering foreign markets.

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                      SEC sues crypto exchange Coinbase in New York federal court


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