CNN Legal Analyst: Allen Weisselberg About to Flip on Trump

by Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia | 08/10/2021 12:39 PM
CNN Legal Analyst: Allen Weisselberg About to Flip on Trump

On CNN Tuesday, veteran federal prosecutor Elie Honig emphasized how critical it is for the Manhattan District Attorney to convince longtime Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg to assist with investigators – and there are indications that he has chosen to do so.


Allen Weisselberg has yet to show any sign of cooperating with the Manhatten D.A. prosecutors. Not even his being removed from several key roles at Trump subsidiaries, a standard procedure for businesses whose executives are under indictment, has shaken his devotion to former President Donald Trump, his benefactor, and employer, for decades.

CNN Anchor Jake Tapper opened a segment on the Weisselberg during his Tuesday show by saying....

“I do want to start with these charges against Weisselberg and the company which include, quote, ’a scheme to defraud, conspiracy, falsifies business records.’”

Tapper then posed the question to CNN’s Senior Legal Analyst Elie Honig a former federal & state Prosecutor …

“Would it be a smart move for the Trump Organization to separate themselves from Weisselberg further?”

Honig’s reply…

“It would be very risky for them to do that. As a former prosecutor, it’s clear to me that these prosecutors are trying to flip Allen Weisselberg, and he’s the exact right person to flip. What you are looking for as a prosecutor is cracked. What we have seen already is a small one.”

“It is fairly routine in this situation to see someone removed from the position as an officer because that can get in the way of the business’s ability to do business. So I’m looking for we are going to see something more dramatic. Are we going to see public disputes? Is he going to change lawyers? That signals to me he might be changing his tune about cooperation, but we’re not there yet.”


            Elie Honig describes what to look for if Allen Weisselberg is about to flip


None of this is new information; however, now there are reports that New York prosecutors have incontrovertible evidence that Allen Weisselbergs son also avoided taxes by living rent-free in Trumps apartment.

This morning Business Insider is reporting…

The indictment against Allen Weisselberg also gave some insight into what sort of corporate perks Weisselberg might have benefited.

The indictment described by Barry Weisselberg’s father references his son’s company paid for a residence in a Trump-owned apartment in Central Park in 2018 as a “scheme to defraud federal, state, and local tax authorities.”

“In 2018, Weisselberg’s family member was allowed to occupy a different Trump-owned apartment on East 61st Street in Manhattan, with no reported rent at all,” the indictment said.

“The value of lodging provided to [Allen] Weisselberg’s family member constituted income to that family member, and the defendants were required to report that income and to pay withholding taxes on it to the federal, state, and local tax authorities. The defendants intentionally failed to do so.”

In addition to the company-paid apartment, there were other tax-free corporate perks that prosecutors may be looking at, including discounts on garage fees and tuition fees; hundreds of thousands of dollars in school fees for Barry Weisselberg’s children were paid using checks that Trump signed himself.

May legal experts and observers expect the Manhatten D.A. to begin charging other individuals involved in the tax evasion scheme in August and September. Those believed by legal experts include Allen Weisselberg as one of those facing criminal indictment.

The Manhatten D.A.’s prosecutors have to know that indicting Barry Weisselberg would dramatically ramp up the pressure on his father to flip and begin cooperating with them to cut a deal that prevents his son from going to jail. The pressure of seeing his son criminally indicted may be too much for Allen Weisselberg to accept.


                     Maximum Pressure’: N.Y. Prosecutors Work To Flip Trump Money Man




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