Chris Christie Testing Waters of 2024 GOP President Campaign

by James DiGeorgia Opinion | 03/28/2023 12:11 PM
Chris Christie Testing Waters of 2024 GOP President Campaign

Referring to Mike Pence in a speech at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics Chris Christie posed the question ‘Who needs him?’ Intimating by the questions that he may be the only person capable beating Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican Presidential nomination.

The only way to beat Trump out for the Republican nomination is to go after him like an attack dog.

"You have to be fearless because he will come right back at you. So, you need to think about who's got the skill to do that and who's got the guts to do that because it's not going to end nicely. No matter what, his end will not be calm and quiet."

Christie added…

 "The only person he cares about is him. If we haven't learned that since Election Day 2020 until today, we're not paying attention."

Then insisted that the former vice president Mike Pence is guilty of for not calling out Trump over the Jan. 6 insurrection.

According to USA Today's report, "Christie took issue with Pence saying he would let the American people decide whether Trump's call to suspend the Constitution to overturn an election was disqualifying for the presidency."

"Who needs him?" Christie argued to his audience then said, "If it's up to the American people to decide, then stand out of the way and don't pretend to be a leader."

It remains to be seen if Christie will attack the former president’s other policies and positions that are contrary to that of traditional Republicans. Does Christie have the fire to argue that Trump’s embrace of dictators like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jung Un is insanity that was proven the wrong way to deal with a thug by Neville Chamberlin?

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Will the former governor take on Trump’s constant lies about his hush money payoffs to woman he’s had adulterous affairs with, or his election interference and attempts to subvert our democracy?

The strategy of going after Trump nonstop and the other Republicans in the 2024 race for his party’s nomination will either clear the field and give the former governor a shot of winning or will splinter the party so that in a nomination process were the winner even with 36% of the votes in primaries wins all the delegates; hand the Republican nomination once again to the twice impeached, disgraced and defeated President?

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