CDC Warns Trump 5 Minute Abbott Tests Wrong 50% of the time!

by James DiGeorgia | 05/17/2020 8:32 AM
CDC Warns Trump 5 Minute Abbott Tests Wrong 50% of the time!

President Trump has complete confidence in the Abbott ID NOW test for diagnosing COVID-19 used by the White House. Still, now he is being confronted by a warning on Thursday by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) alert warning of “potential inaccurate results” from the test.

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Is the White House really going to become a coronavirus hot spot in the next several days?

The positive tests the administration aides recently received may have been so inaccurate in the past that their previous negative results were positive all along.  These aids were prancing throughout the White House without masks possibly turning the West Wing into a Petri dish.

  Pence is self-isolating after aide tests positive for COVID-19


The White House reliance on the Abbott 5 minute test, which Trump demonstrated during a news briefing last month, may have been a foolhardy decision made last month. Trump had bragged by Tweet when the tests were adopted…

“It’s a whole new ballgame,” Trump bragged as he claimed that it was “probably more accurate” than other tests.

But the FDA Thursday’s warning that early data suggests that the “test may return false negative results.” The agency issued its alert about the dangerous inaccurate test results “in the spirit of transparency.” The FDA claims to have received it…

 “…15 adverse event reports about the Abbott ID NOW device that suggests some users are receiving inaccurate negative results.”

The FDA warning also cautioned that…

 “Any negative test results that are not consistent with a patient’s clinical signs and symptoms or necessary for patient management should be confirmed with another test.”

If Vice President Pence is infected with the coronavirus, the likelihood of President Trump and many others in the White House are also infected. The test results that fail to detect positive and negative results accurately 50% of the time may lead to a revelation that President Trump and many others are infected with COVID-19 has tremendous implications for our country’s government continuity.

Abbott Virus Test Used at White House Faces Accuracy Concern


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