Biden’s Proposed Tax Hike Would Be Paid By 0.3% of Taxpayers

by Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia | 04/27/2021 4:33 PM
Biden’s Proposed Tax Hike Would Be Paid By 0.3% of Taxpayers

The GOP is at it again, claiming that Democrats will raise taxes on the middle-class if President Biden’s proposal for tax hikes on our country’s wealthiest. Another big fat lie that most American’s don’t believe and isn’t true.


Former Governor Chris Christie on last Sunday morning ABC’s… This Week with George Stephanopoulos showed he’s just another pathological liar in a political party that is becoming more neo-fascist every day. In doing so, he revealed his strategy for his intended run for the Presidency in 2024.

Predicting higher capital gains, corporate taxes, including a minimum corporate tax and a reform of the inheritance tax, would amount to socialism and wealth distribution. Christie sounded like every fascist leader to come to power in the last 100 years. Demonize communists socialism and establish a lawless fascist regime and kill democracy.

Gov. Christie’s in ranting about socialism is giving away the 2022 and 2024 game plan. At the same time, the Trump GOP is trying to germander and suppress minorities’ votes to add them in establishing a goose-stepping iron-fisted fascist regime. Christie’s claim that forcing the ultra-rich and corporations to pay taxes will lead to a stock market crash, it’s a canard.

The next want to be Adolph Hitler Florida’s Governor Rick DeSantis decision to make it legal to run down peaceful protesters is precisely what Italy’s fascist nightmare Mussolini would do. It’s a violation of the 1st amendment, and 25 million U.S. citizens will take to the streets in response.

Wrapping fascism, neo-Nazism in a U.S. Flag will, in fact, kill our democracy and literally slaughter our democracy and murder our Republic.

All of this is starting to happen. States pass laws that would allow the majority party in GOP-controlled states to reverse election results because of mere allegations and let white supremacists rundown peaceful protesters will lead to unimaginable violence and tear our Republic in shreds.

Fox’s resident white supremacist, neo-Nazi Tucker Carlson, suggested that people report the parents of children wearing masks to child services as child abuse. Tucker’s suggestion is madness that could lead to his violent end.

Anyone with a brain or a member of his Fox management team would tell him…

 If you go out and urge the right-wing to go after parents to take their children away is risking being shot down like a fascist dog. Tucker should be removed from the air not because he’s not entitled to his 1st Amendment rights of free speech. Still, his urging people to take this insane action makes Fox News a target for a lawsuit every time a Trump GOP zealot does this and refers to Fox and Tucker Carlson as the agitator that drove them to do it.


                      Tucker Carlson says Children forced to wear masks outside “is a form of child abuse

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