Biden-Putin Summit Promoted by Russian Media as Huge Win

by Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia | 04/15/2021 4:36 PM
Biden-Putin Summit Promoted by Russian Media as Huge Win

Russian media has declared that President Biden has blinked. His proposal for a summit in Finland later this year is proof that Russia’s Putin has forced the United States to back down over many of its complaints against their country. Two days later, President Biden hammered Russia with more sanctions.


The similarities in the way Russian media bends its reporting of the news and how the MAGA media includes FOX News, Newsmax, One America News, and Breitbart is impossible to ignore. In Russia, the media is a willing partner with the Putin government in pushing its propaganda no matter how big the lie.

However, the lack of acceptance of reality by the Russian media/propaganda machine was confronted this morning after its narrative of a possible summit between Biden and Putin.  A win was greeted this morning with the Biden administration imposing significant economic sanctions on Russia over cyber spying, efforts to influence the U.S. presidential election, and its massing over 100,000 of its troops and positioning thousands of tanks and heavy armaments along the Ukrainian border.

The Biden administration imposition of the first significant sanctions targeting the Russian economy in several years was taken to fulfill President Biden’s promise during his campaign last year to punish and hold accountable the Kremlin for a cyberespionage campaign against the United States and efforts to influence the presidential election, according to senior U.S. officials.

The Washington Post reported today…

“The administration also sanctioned six Russian companies that support Russian spy services’ cyber-hacking operations that compromised nine federal agencies and about 100 private firms and will expel 10 intelligence officers working under diplomatic cover in the United States. It formally named the Russian intelligence service SVR as responsible for the hacking operation commonly known as SolarWinds.

 “Our view is that no single action that we will take or could take in and of itself could directly alter Russia’s malign behavior,”

“This is going to be a process that is going to take place over time, and it will involve a mix of significant pressure and finding ways to work together.”

Clearly, the Russian Media hype over President Biden's “blinking” was imagined and had no connection with reality. Biden’s willingness to compartmentalize its dealings and dialog with Russia isn’t a win but instead a way of dealing harshly with Putin on issues while still attempting to keep the lines of communication and cooperation going on areas that the two countries recognize is in both of their interests.

The Russian media in its celebration over Biden’s supposed capitulation chose to ignore Biden’s heads up to President Vladimir Putin in a call on Tuesday that Washington would be taking actions “in the coming days” to defend U.S. national interests, without specifying the exact timing or measures, a senior administration official said.

The Russian media also ignored that President Biden raised the possibility of a summit with Putin in the coming months in a third country, yet no meeting was finalized. The proposal of a possible Summit was anything but a “blink” by Biden.

According to The Washington Post reporting today…

“The (sanctions) package includes sanctions on all debt Russia issues after June 14, barring U.S. financial institutions from buying government bonds directly from the Russian Central Bank, Russian National Wealth Fund and the Ministry of Finance. The action, experts said, will complicate Moscow’s ability to raise money in the international capital markets.

“Some Russian officials discounted the move saying it is easy for investors to work around the restriction by investing in bonds on the secondary market through an intermediary.

“But under the new order signed by Biden, the administration is reserving the right to broaden the scope of the sovereign debt sanctions to include secondary markets if Moscow’s malign activities persist.”

Edward Fishman, a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, pointed out in an interview with the Washington Post…

“This action signals that the Biden administration is not going to hold back. “They’re taking significant actions against the Russian economy and putting global markets on notice that Russian sanctions will increase if Russia’s aggressive behavior continues.”

While President Biden is taking a stricter approach with Russia than President Trump did with Russia, a second senior administration official is stating…

 “We’re not looking for escalation. We’re providing a proportionate and tailored response.”

Meanwhile, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov responded to reports of the new U.S. sanctions by saying Thursday…

“Russia views any U.S. sanctions as illegal and would retaliate in kind. Moscow summoned U.S. Ambassador John Sullivan for a difficult talk.”

Peskov went on to say these new sanctions would not be helpful in the lead-up to the proposed summit.


                      Biden imposes tough new sanctions on Russia




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