Are We on the Verge of Proving the Existence of Alien UFOs?

by Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia | 05/18/2021 2:37 PM
Are We on the Verge of Proving the Existence of Alien UFOs?

Will 2021 be the year humanity learns it’s absolutely not alone in the Milky Way galaxy? How would such an incredible discovery affect Wall Street, religion, and our society?


The number of reports and unexplained videos of what appears to be UFOs is becoming impossible to ignore since many are coming from the United States Pentagon.

newly leaked Navy video, for example, appears to show an unidentified flying object disappearing into the water off California. The video clip obtained by a documentary filmmaker and shared with NBC News is breathtaking when you consider this one of dozens of videos captured by members of the United States military.

According to the filmmaker, Jeremy Corbell, this video was captured in July 2019 by Navy aircraft and recorded in the USS Omaha’s Combat Information Center.

The clip shows a spherical object flying above the water for a few minutes near San Diego before it literally vanishes into the ocean.

Military personnel observing the UFO can be heard saying in the video…

 “It splashed.”


                     Leaked: Pentagon’s UFO Investigation Spotlighted In New Photos And Video | TODAY                                                                               


The one thing we know for sure is the video itself is real and not a “deep fake” because the Defense Department has come out and confirmed that the clip was recorded by Navy personnel.

The Pentagon’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, a panel established last year to “gain insight” into the “nature and origins” of such objects has been studying this filmed footage along with dozens of other that have been captured over the last 20+ years by US military personnel.

This July 2019 video was leaked to the press a few days before “60 Minutes” aired an interview it did with two former Navy pilots who recalled having been dispatched to investigate “multiple anomalous aerial vehicles” that descended 80,000 feet in less than a second. The incident also occurred off San Diego in 2004.

According to one of the US Navy pilots, Cmdr. Dave Fravor, who was interviewed by “60 Minutes,” another pilot, witnessed a “little white Tic-Tac-looking object” moving above the water before it disappeared. Then he insists seconds later, his ship — the USS Princeton — said the object reappeared on its radar 60 miles away.

Christopher Mellon, a top defense official in the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations, said during the 60 minutes interview that there was “a lot of continuity” between recent reports of unidentified objects the past 20 years and reports dating back decades….

“What we’re seeing is a number of distinct and different things. Sometimes we see a 50-foot object that can travel at hypersonic speeds and seemingly go into orbit or come down from altitudes of potentially above 100,000 feet.”

Mellon points out that the stigma associated with reporting such sittings has long kept witnesses silent — a sentiment echoed by Lt. Cmdr. Alex Dietrich, one of the Navy pilots, was also interviewed by “60 Minutes.” Dietrich said…

“Over beers, we’ve said, ‘Hey man, if I saw this solo, I don’t know that I would have come back and said anything,’” “Because it sounds so crazy when I say it.”

A lengthy story in The New Yorker titled “How the Pentagon Started Taking UFOs Seriously” has captured the imagination and the serious attention of millions of Americans. The article was written by the respected journalist Leslie Kean last month.

Kean also co-wrote an article in The New York Times four years ago reporting that the Pentagon was spending millions of dollars on a threat identification program to examine unidentified aircraft that moved at high velocities with no apparent signs of propulsion.

So as the evidence leaks out, it’s becoming clearer that these UFO sittings are actual and happening on almost a daily basis now that the US military radar and video have become increasingly advanced. The questions they are sparking sound as if they were posed by one of the greatest American science fiction writers Philip K Dick…

  • Are these vehicles from an alien world?
  • Are they inter-dimensional vehicles from alternate earth? 
  • Are they being flown by actual aliens, or are they operated by artificial intelligence?
  • What power source are they being operated with?

The questions go on and on. Including the biggest question…

If they are alien space or inter-dimensional craft, why have they not made any effort to contact humanity directly? At this point, it’s clear if they are actually operated by beings from another star system or alternate reality. They are observing earth with a particular focus on our military forces and assets.

However, their silence and anonymity have been overcome by humanity’s accelerated technologies to the point that we may discover beyond any doubt that they exist. We would see travel faster than light speed is attainable as well as the existence of an energy that can be harnessed to jump the vast expanse of space at speeds needed to allow its inventors to explore our galaxy or transverse realities.

The impact on Wall Street could be extremely bullish for technology, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence stocks. The existence of these machines, drones, the craft would bring about the most significant leap in capabilities mankind has ever experienced. Breakthroughs that might not have come for another 100, 300, even 1000 years could become a reality in the next 10-20 years.

When asked why, if these UFOs are, in fact, from another world, why haven’t they communicated with humanity? His answer was as cogent as could be…

“We are ants under a microscope, and these visitors are so advanced that communicating with us serves them no purpose. By comparison, they are 1000, 2000, even 5000 years ahead of us technologically.”

“We may discover they are exploration drones operated by Artificial Intelligence sent by an alien race from a planet literally many light-years away.”

“If they are AI observer drones, the race of aliens that sent them may, in fact, be exploring dozens, perhaps hundreds of worlds occupied by sentient beings in our galaxy, proving that our galaxy is in fact filled with intelligent, sentient life.”   

The discovery that our galaxy is teeming with intelligent life would be the biggest challenge ever faced by all of mankind’s religions. The narratives of God creating mankind in His own image become a silly wise-tale. Religions would have to adjust their assumption that mankind is the center of the Universe to the reality that we are nothing more than one of many sentient races residing in the stars.

Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, would likely see the reports of UFOs and their unwillingness to communicate to indicate that the species operating these unique crafts have their own “prime directive.”  Which can best be described as a maxim to never interfere or influence less advanced civilizations. Yet, that goal may have been undermined by humanity’s discovery of their existence.  But if that was the case why did they send their first emissary in the form of a Donald Trump?


                    Something in the air: The increased attention to UFOs


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