Appeals Court Hands Trump Another Lose on Executive Privilege

by James DiGeorgia | 04/04/2023 7:57 PM
Appeals Court Hands Trump Another Lose on Executive Privilege

Eight key members of the Trump Administration that refused to answer some or all questions asked by Special Council Jack Smith’s legal team in front of a Washington D.C. grand jury were just ordered to do so.

On the day he became the first former president to be arrested and criminally indicted former, Donald Trump learned before he left for his arraignment and for his drive to the Manhattan Court House. from his home in Trump Tower that The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals had sided with the Department of Justice again by a unanimous ruling on his claims of Executive privilege to prevent key members and aids from testifying in front of Special Counsel Jack Smith grand jury hearing evidence about Trump’s potential January 6 and post-election criminal behavior.

The eight ordered to testify include former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliff, former National Security Adviser Robert Obrien, former top aids Steven Miller, John McEntee and Nick Luna, former Deputy Chief of Staff and Social Media Director Dan Scavino, and top DHS official Ken Cuccinelli whom all refused to answer some or all questions in from of the Jan 6th Grand Jury claiming Trump had invoked executive privilege.

The same appeals court had ruled last week that Mike Pence must testify. He and Donald J. Trump could now appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). However, these executive privilege appeals have received a quick cold shoulder from the highest court in the land. And at an increasingly fast pace.  So, appealing would cost a fortune in legal fees and not delay Pence and these additional eight Trump loyalists from testifying very long.

If Jack Smith’s team is confronted by Mark Meadows or any of these witnesses invoking the Fifth Amendment, they can quickly give one or all immunity and force them to testify. If they lie or omit facts, they face losing any immunity they are given.
This decision comes less than 48 hours after tremendously incriminating evidence, including video, witnesses, including employee testimony from Mar-a-Lago has been revealed that puts the former President at grave risk of being charged in two separate cases with Federal crimes that could put him in jail for 20 years for his mishandling and illegally retaining documents after he left office.


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