Any Russian Movement Into Ukraine Is An Invasion

by Wall Street Rebel | Michael London | 01/20/2022 2:03 PM
Any Russian Movement Into Ukraine Is An Invasion

Biden sought to explain remarks made the day before. He distinguished between an invasion and a "little incursion" by Russia.


President Biden sought to clarify his words from the previous day. He appeared to distinguish between a Russian invasion of Ukraine and a "small intrusion" into the country.

"President Putin has received a crystal-clear message from me. He doesn't have any misunderstandings. An invasion occurs if any assembled Russian units cross the Ukrainian border, which is defined as follows: "Biden made the statement at the start of a forum on infrastructure.

As Biden added, "let there be no question that if Putin takes this choice, Russia will pay a severe price." He also mentioned the possibility of a Russian cyberattack or paramilitary action, which would necessitate a concerted reaction from the United States and its allies.

Afterward, Biden spoke on infrastructure. "The Ukrainian foreign minister remarked this morning that he is confident in our backing and resolve, and he has every reason to be," Biden said before moving on to infrastructure.

Biden expressed his support for the Ukrainian people in his first public comments since a controversial news conference on Wednesday that drew widespread condemnation and led White House aides scrambling to clean up his remarks regarding the ongoing tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

Asked if the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's allies could achieve complete unity on the NATO front, the president responded, "It depends on what he does." The president referred to NATO allies, which are members of the United Nations.

If Russia invades, I believe it will be held accountable, and the extent of that accountability will depend on the actions of the Kremlin." The fact that it's a tiny incursion and we have to argue about what to do or not do is one thing," Biden said. "But the fact that it's a major incursion and we have to fight about what to do or not do is another."

In a subsequent press conference, President Obama sought to clarify that he was suggesting that any response would require unity among NATO allies; however, White House aides have spent the hours since Biden's remarks attempting to allay fears that the president was permitting Putin to take some form of less drastic action toward Ukraine.

"President Obama has communicated personally to Russian President Vladimir Putin that any movement of military personnel across the border constitutes an invasion of the United States. If they manage to get in, it would be considered an invasion, with severe economic repercussions "Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, informed Fox News on Thursday morning that the administration had sent a statement on Wednesday night that contained a similar message.

According to Emily Horne, a spokesman for the National Security Council, Biden made a distinction between military and nonmilitary operations, such as cyberattacks, that will face a common reaction in his speech on Wednesday.

Biden's news conference remarks sparked consternation and condemnation among professionals, as well as opposition from Republican lawmakers. The mistake came at an awkward time for the Biden administration, which was set to meet with Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Geneva later this week when the confusion occurred.

On Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) described President Joe Biden's remarks as "bizarre."

In the senator's words, "President Biden needs to clean up his speech; he needs to express American resolve and display American leadership."

Over the last few weeks, the White House has issued increasingly urgent warnings that Russia may be prepared to go on the offensive and further infiltrate Ukrainian territory.


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