“America’s Mayor” A Bigot, Anti-Democratic, Sexual Predator, and Shyster Lawyer

by James DiGeorgia Opinion | 04/29/2023 9:18 PM
“America’s Mayor” A Bigot, Anti-Democratic, Sexual Predator, and Shyster Lawyer

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has admitted to thwarting the democratic process using a "little dirty trick" to suppress votes from certain communities. It’s just the tip of his bigotry and dark soul.

In short, Rudy Giuliani, the former Mayor of New York, is a trainwreck who has had his license to practice law suspended and …

  • Foisted former president Donald J. Trump’s big lie on the American people while knew he had no evidence to back it up.
  • Participated in a conspiracy to blackmail the Ukrainian government that threatened its and the national security United States.
  • Is being sued by former employee Noelle Dunphy for, among other things being a “sexist sexual predator and abuser” in New York. 
  • Decieved state legislators in Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona and Michigan.
  • Will likely be indicted in Fulton Country, GA, Special Counsel Jack Smith in Washington, D.C.

Not since Roy Cohen has there been a more despicable member of the NY Bar Association. Coehn ended up being disbarred. Giulinani will likely be disbarred, has proven himself a compulsive liar, reckless litigator, outright pathological, sociopathic racist, sexual predator dunkered.

His undying loyalty to the twice-impeached: loser, racist sociopathic, narcissistic, pathological former President Trump, only to be cheated out of his legal fees,, could fuel a two-hour Jimmy Kimmel stand-up comic performance entitled “America’s Putz!” 

Despite the abuse from Trump, Giuliani recently urged supporters of POTUS 45 2024 presidential campaign to send the former president at least one dollar to improve his morale after being indicted by a New York grand jury while on his podcast “America's Mayor Live” speaking with Trump intellectually corrupt fascist allies Steve Bannon and Kari Lake when he said he would share a "dirty little trick" with them.

Bannon, who was pardoned by Trump for grifting millions from MAGA faithful and could end up in prison for that crime, immediately replied, "A dirty trick in New York? I'm shocked."

In the clip, which the Guardian posted to the Internet, Giuliani explains how his team specifically went to Hispanic neighborhoods and handed out cards suggesting that voters should bring green cards or risk being picked up by INS.

"After the election, the Clinton civil rights division investigated me," Giuliani said, adding that he was on vacation when he found out his actions were being looked at for potentially violating civil rights.

"Think about it. What civil rights did we violate?" Giuliani says he explained at the time he learned about the government probe.

"They don't have civil rights," Giuliani said, speaking of undocumented immigrants. "All we did was prevent people who can't vote from voting."

I’m not a lawyer, but I do know everyone, foreigner or citizen, while in the United States, has civil rights. I also know non-citizens don’t vote, but naturalized legal citizens can be intimidated to the point that they pass on voting.

Giulani bragged...

"Maybe we tricked them, but tricking is not a crime."

Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels literally invented the term “fake news” and propelled Germany into starting World War II killing 20 million by tricking the German people would love Giuliani's view of America.

For all his pontificting Giuliani leaves out the fact that before his September 11th moment of clarity and credibility, he couldn’t get elected dog catcher in New York because he was incredibly divisive, racist and literally ran the city as an autocrat that cheered human rights abuses committed by the NYPD. When he has an opportunity to run against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for Senator Patrick Moynihan 's Senate seat, he ran fast to avoid being humiliated.

Mr. Giulinani and Mr. Bannon will soone enough be fitted for organge jump suits. Kari Lake should be fitted with a straight jacket. Yet herremaining out of a psychitrists round the clock care the more posion she spews the more likely Democratic congressman Ruben Gallego will retain Krisysten Sinimma's Arizonia Senate seat in 2024. 

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