A New Deadly US Wave of Covid-19 Is Coming After 1M Deaths

by Wall Street Rebel - James DiGeorgia | 05/07/2022 10:37 PM
A New Deadly US Wave of Covid-19 Is Coming After 1M Deaths

Covid-19 caused approximately 83.5 million infections and over a million deaths, though hospitalizations and deaths have decreased dramatically. This fall/winter, the Biden administration warns of 100 million new coronavirus infections and significant death.


We've been duped into believing we're safe. Covid infections have fallen dramatically, hospitalizations have plummeted, and deaths from the potentially lethal virus have fallen to a few hundred a day.

Yet, while Americans are dropping the pre-cautions of wearing masks and are no longer focused on maintaining social distance from one another, the Biden Administration is warning that the pandemic nightmare could make a resurgence -thanks to new omicron subvariants that have shown a remarkable ability to escape immunity.

The Biden Administration made a new alarming projection this past Friday during a background briefing that was intended to boost our nation’s readiness for another leg of the Covid pandemic by persuading Washington lawmakers to appropriate billions of dollars to purchase a new tranche of vaccines, tests, and therapeutics in preparation for a new potentially worse leg of the worst pandemic.

The only possible good news about the shocking forecast from the Biden Administration is its forecast of 100 million potential infections during a cold-weather wave later this year, and early next was that it was not projected as a formal projection. Instead, it was described as a scenario based on a range of outside pandemic models.

The foreboding prediction is that omicron and its subvariants will continue to dominate community spread. There will not be a significantly different strain of the virus, and many factors could change the course of the pandemic.

Following the likelihood of 100 million infections, several health experts agreed that a significant wave this fall and winter is possible due to diminishing immunity from vaccines and infections, looser limitations, and the emergence of variations that are better able to avoid immune defenses.

Potentially compounding this next possible wave of Covid could be the fallout from the Russian invasion of Ukraine that could trigger one of the worst famines in modern world history. Ukraine is the fifth largest grain exporter in the world. Given the war has shut down the country’s ports, the risk of a worldwide famine grows daily.

Covid death worldwide has reached over 6 million, far short of the 50 million deaths during the Spanish Flu of 1918, thanks to better medical treatment, treatments, and the development of several vaccines. Another more dangerous variant combined with a famine could kill more than 50 million people, especially when the virus keeps mutating in ways that have surprised scientists. Omicron, most notably, emerged in southern Africa with a package of mutations in November, coming from a different branch of the virus's family tree than the delta variant it replaced. The omicron's origins are unknown.

Omicron has spun off many subvariants, even more, transmissible than the original strain. Two other highly infectious variants, BA.4 and BA.5, have fueled a recent new surge in infections in South Africa.

Jeffrey Shaman, an epidemiologist at Columbia University, said this past week….

“Predicting new variants that will spill out — that’s total guesswork.”  “Predicting that they’re going to be successful, that’s guesswork.”

Natalie Dean, a biostatistician at Emory University, points out that the longer the time between coronavirus waves, the greater number of people who will be vulnerable to infection because of waning immunity.

“That puts vulnerable people back at risk. It seems likely there will continue to be these ups and downs.”

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration is being frustrated in its attempt to get Congress to authorize the monies needed to battle the potential new wave they fear lies ahead.

Raising new funds from Congress is becoming problematic with the over $50 billion recently raised to arm Ukraine and the growing anti-vax and coronavirus denial resistance taking place here in the United States.


                     Coronavirus wave this fall could infect 100 million administration warns



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