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6 Million Infected, 180,000 Dead, 30 Million Jobless

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 08/27/2020 4:37 PM
6 Million Infected, 180,000 Dead, 30 Million Jobless

Joe Biden responds to Republican lies, deceptions and lack of empathy as virtually everyone who took the stage treated COVID-19 crisis as if it had passed, or minimized it. The stock market continues to soar despite the likelihood the economy isn’t headed for a V-shaped recovery but instead to a W shaped recovery that will extend the recession, perhaps become a depression before there is a real economic recovery.

United States COVID-19 Statistics

August 27, 2020


Coronavirus Cases:


Active Cases:


Serious Cases








President Donald Trump will deliver his acceptance speech tonight. FOX News has begun to leak excerpts from his speech, which includes some sharp criticisms of Joe Biden…

“At no time before have voters faced a clearer choice between two parties, two visions, two philosophies, or two agendas,” Trump is expected to say. “We have spent the last four years reversing the damage Joe Biden inflicted over the last 47 years. At the Democrat convention, you barely heard a word about their agenda. But that’s not because they don’t have one. It’s because their agenda is the most extreme set of proposals ever put forward by a major party nominee.”


During an MSNBC interview earlier today Andrea Mitchell Biden addressed Trump’s expected remarks, saying that during his time in the Obama administration there were more jobs created in three years than Trump had created “so far” in his presidency, adding that when there was unrest during the Obama era, the federal property was protected “without hurting people.”


“We moved in a direction that made sense,” Biden said.

“He’s a fiction writer in the extreme,” he continued, speaking of Trump.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell then asked Biden about the “rosy picture” Vice President Mike Pence painted regarding the nation’s current fight against the coronavirus.  In addition, she asked about the possible “political interference” the White House is conducting with the CDC’s guidelines which have been refuted by Dr. Anthony Fauci and scores of physicians and medical experts as extremely dangerous. Biden said.

“Have you ever seen any administration put this much pressure on the FDA?”

“There are no bounds; to what this guy does.”

We remain on course at the current rate of infections and deaths from COVID-19 to hit 8 million infections and 250,000 deaths by November 3, Election Day.

Just over one million Americans filed new claims for state jobless benefits last week, the latest sign that the economy is losing momentum just as federal aid to the unemployed has been pulled away.

Congress' weekly supplemental $600 in jobless aid expired at the end of July, and lawmakers haven't been able to agree on another round since. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump signed an executive order, diverting funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to pay for additional weekly benefits worth $300. States can add another $100 for a total $400 supplement, but many have said they can't afford that.

The Trump administration and some Republican lawmakers have claimed that the $600-a-week benefits have paid many Americans more than they would have made on their jobs. The supplemental benefit has kept people from rejoining the labor force, they argued.

"So far, there is no indication yet that the expiration of an extra $600 per week in UI benefits at the end of July 31 has led to a big drop in unemployment," said PNC's chief economist Gus Faucher in emailed comments.


                           MSNBC 08-27-2020

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