2016 Year To Date Statistics Of Note

by Geoff Garbacz | 01/03/2017 06:28 PM
2016 Year To Date Statistics Of Note

For 2016, in the universe of stock I track (from Erlanger Chart Room) there were 4066 stocks hihger and 2259 lower. So of the 6325 stocks I follow, 64% were higher and 36% were lower.

550 stocks however were up from 0-5% and of the positive stocks for the year 1025 were up between 0% and 9.54% (the return of the S&P 500). If those fell into the negative, then more stocks would have finished lower for the year.

When you sort by market cap, you have to drop down to the 22 name to find a loser, China Mobile (CHL). Notable losers in the large cap universe that fell more than -10% included Novartis (NVS), Anheuser Buscg InBev (BUD), Bristol Myers (BMY) and Gilead Sciences (GILD).

So why do I review yearly returns? Because at the beginning of a new year people begin to look for bargains. Of the above names, Gilead Sciences popped 3.56%.

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