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What is a collectible to us? It is the appreciation of a tangible artifact, a work of art, a relic, precious metals, or a rare coin that bridges time and space.It’s a snapshot of an event or more significant time in our history that creates clarity of who we were yesterday and a how humanity managed to reach this time in his evolution. To the knowledgeable investor, it can bring great beauty as well as financial opportunity into their lives and most importantly they have the opportunity of maintaining physical possession of their tangible asset. Wall Street Rebel will bring you these treasures, genuine collectibles and tell their histories.

Stunning Hoard of Roman Silver Coins Discovered in Turkey

Stunning Hoard of Roman Silver Coins Discovered in Turkey

  • by James DiGeorgia | February 9, 2021
There have been hundreds of hordes of ancient coins discovered by Archaeologists over the last hundred years. Many discovered like this latest treasure buried in a jug hundred if not thousands of years ago and either forgotten by the owner or ....
Where did Earth's Gold Come From?

Where did Earth's Gold Come From?

  • by James DiGeorgia | May 31, 2019
Of all the gold ever refined, 600 tons were created 4.6 billion years ago, when two neutron stars collided -1,000 light-years away. ....

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