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Archived Articles: 09/2020

Trump Sycophant at FOX: He Lost Last Night’s Debate (09/30/2020 3:34 PM)

U.S. Economy Second Quarter Contracts 31.4% Annualized (09/30/2020 1:11 PM)


The Daily Briefing For September 30th: Stocks Volatile Post Debate (09/30/2020 8:41 AM)

Trump SAT/Tax Cheat: Wants Biden Checked for Electronic Device (09/29/2020 4:12 PM)

Donald and "Family" in Danger of Criminal Indictment (09/29/2020 1:35 PM)

The Daily Briefing For September 29th: Let's Get Ready To Rumble (09/29/2020 9:17 AM)

The Daily Briefing For Monday, September 28th: Stocks Higher (09/28/2020 12:31 PM)

NY Times: 20 Years of Trump’s Tax Returns Leak. He’s a Crook (09/27/2020 11:52 PM)

Appeals Court Affirms: Trump Must Turn Over Tax Returns (09/25/2020 7:08 PM)

CNN: Wall Street Anticipating Big November Biden Win (09/25/2020 6:52 PM)

Texas Could Turn Blue Thanks to New Voter Registration Record (09/25/2020 2:24 PM)

The Daily Briefing Fort September 25th: Stocks Putting Up A Decent Day (09/25/2020 1:18 PM)

Mary Trump Sues President Trump and Family for Millions (09/24/2020 2:48 PM)

Trump: Refusing to Commit to a Peaceful Transfer of Power (09/24/2020 2:21 PM)

The Daily Briefing For September 24th: Futures Are Lower, As President Trump Refuses To Go Quietly Into The Nigh (09/24/2020 9:12 AM)

The Daily Brieiing For September 23rd: Futures Higher (09/23/2020 9:50 AM)

Trump and Xi Square Off in Front of the World at the United Nations (09/22/2020 4:17 PM)

NYC DA: Trump Facing ‘Criminal Tax Fraud’ Investigation (09/22/2020 2:56 PM)

The Daily Briefing For September 22nd: Futures Higher (09/22/2020 9:47 AM)

Rush to Replace Ginsburg Dims Hope of New Stimulus Package (09/21/2020 5:33 PM)

Democrats Getting What They Deserve (09/21/2020 4:41 PM)

Science Tossed Out: Trump Admin Seizes Control of CDC (09/21/2020 3:29 PM)

The Daily Briefing For September 21st: Futures Lower As Election Becomes More Volatile (09/21/2020 9:16 AM)

Market Valuation Indicator Has Never Been This Unbalanced (09/20/2020 2:45 PM)

Trump Promises to Withdraw from Public Life if He Loses (09/20/2020 1:09 PM)

FBI Director Refuses to Ignore Russian Election Interference (09/18/2020 11:26 PM)

CDC Defies Trump, HHS: Changes COVID-19 Guidelines Back (09/18/2020 4:31 PM)

U.S. Unemployment Remains Close to 30 Million (09/18/2020 1:40 PM)

The Daily Briefing For September 18th: Futures Mixed To Start The Day (09/18/2020 9:09 AM)

Republican Senate Unwilling: New $1.5 Stimulus Bill Stalled (09/17/2020 5:19 PM)

Joe Biden May Have Just Been Guaranteed Pennsylvania, Nov 3 (09/17/2020 4:41 PM)

Moderna Won’t Know Until November if it’s Vaccine Works (09/17/2020 4:35 PM)

GOP Panic: Trump Refuses to Prepare for Joe Biden Debate (09/17/2020 3:15 PM)

Triumph Insult Comic Dog: Shows Insanity of Trump Supporters (09/17/2020 2:02 PM)

The Daily Briefing For July 17th: Stocks Lower But Off Opening Print (09/17/2020 10:52 AM)

Trump Suddenly Urges GOP Lawmakers Pass Big Stimulus (09/16/2020 7:34 PM)

Congressional Stimulus Package a Political Disgrace (09/16/2020 3:47 PM)

Trump’s Covid-19 Plan: Risks 3 Million More American Deaths! (09/16/2020 3:25 PM)

The Daily Briefing For September 15th: Futures El Fuego (09/15/2020 9:30 AM)

Trump’s Approves of Police Retribution (09/14/2020 11:33 AM)

The Daily Briefing For September 14th: Stocks Open Strong (09/14/2020 9:59 AM)

‘Data Inconsistencies’ in Russian COVID-19 Vaccine Trial (09/13/2020 4:15 PM)

Convicted Felon Roger Stone Calls for Trump Dictatorship (09/13/2020 2:40 PM)

Justice Depart. Guilty: “Gross Abuse of Prosecutorial Power” (09/13/2020 9:14 AM)

62% Believe Trump is Lying about an Effective Vaccine (09/12/2020 2:17 PM)

Trump’s Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Tied to Russian Agent (09/12/2020 1:20 PM)

Fox News Analyst: Trump Slurred Fallen Troops as Losers (09/11/2020 4:04 PM)

FBI Has Evidence Trump Compromised by Russia (09/11/2020 3:11 PM)

Dan Coats Felt Trapped with a Unfit President (09/10/2020 4:04 PM)

Trump Misled Americans about the COVID-19 (09/10/2020 3:23 PM)

The Daily Briefing For September 10th: Futures Turn Positive (09/10/2020 10:39 AM)

Trump’s Orders to End Screenings of International Air Travelers (09/09/2020 4:41 PM)

Defense Sec. Mattis Worried Trump Might Start Nuclear War (09/09/2020 4:30 PM)

Bob Woodward’s New Book Contains Multiple Trump Bombshells (09/09/2020 3:43 PM)

Democrats Voting To Legalize Marijuana Nationally this Month (09/09/2020 2:50 PM)

The Daily Briefing For September 9th: Stocks Rebound (09/09/2020 9:48 AM)

Michael Cohen’s Book: Overhyped, Makes No New Revelations (09/08/2020 4:54 PM)

The Lincoln Group Destroys Trump with his Own Words Again! (09/07/2020 5:08 PM)

More Evidence Trump Calls U.S. Heroes Losers and Suckers (09/07/2020 1:48 PM)

Kevin McCarthy: Trump’s War on Post Office Could Screw GOP (09/07/2020 9:52 AM)

The Silence of James Mattis, John Kelly, is Deafening! (09/05/2020 6:46 PM)

Trump Denies Attacking Troops: Once Again He’s Caught Lying (09/04/2020 3:35 PM)

Major University Predicts 410,000 COVID-19 Deaths by Jan 1st (09/04/2020 3:00 PM)

Batman Gets COVID-19: Crime Fighters, Children Not Immune (09/04/2020 2:40 PM)

Dow Sinks Over 700 Points Mid-Day (09/03/2020 1:56 PM)

GOP Rep. Clay Higgins Threatens To Shoot BLM Protesters (09/03/2020 12:53 PM)

The Daily Briefing For September 3rd: Stocks Struggling Today (09/03/2020 11:20 AM)

COVID-19 Health Professions: Who wants to be a Millionaire (09/02/2020 4:47 PM)

CNN: Latest Trump Claims “Almost Too Stupid to Fact Check” (09/01/2020 5:13 PM)

No Chance of Stimulus Deal: Thanks to Mark Meadows (09/01/2020 4:43 PM)

Trump Claims ‘Entire’ Airplanes ‘Filled Up with the Looters’ (09/01/2020 4:05 PM)

Trump Hiding Life-Threatening Series of Mini-Strokes? (09/01/2020 2:39 PM)

Top Republicans Who Aren't Voting for Trump in 2020 (09/01/2020 12:04 PM)

The Daily Briefing: Stocks Higher Again, Who's Zooming Who?? (09/01/2020 11:11 AM)

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