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Archived Articles: 03/2020

DOJ Turns Over Full Mueller Report to Federal Judge Who Could Lift William Barr’s Redactions (03/31/2020 2:32 PM)

Trump Suggests U.S. Should Treat Germany as an Enemy because of World War II (03/31/2020 1:09 PM)

UBS Warns Don’t Be Deceived By Wall Street’s Rally… (03/31/2020 12:08 PM)

Daily Briefing For March 31st: Stocks Mixed (03/31/2020 10:39 AM)

President Trump Absolutely Against Expanded Voting (03/30/2020 5:04 PM)

Wall Street Rebel Warned Coronavirus May Be Chinese Bio-Weapon February 16 (03/30/2020 2:53 PM)

Are We Seeing a Sucker’s Rally? (03/30/2020 1:15 PM)

Trump’s Coronavirus Body Bag Count Comments Are Shocking - If Only We Were Proactive Sooner (03/30/2020 10:43 AM)

Daily Briefing For March 30th: Stocks Rebounding Today (03/30/2020 10:41 AM)

The Week Ahead For March 30th Through April 3rd (03/29/2020 10:21 PM)

England’s PM Johnson Believes China Lied: Had 15X-40X More Coronavirus Cases (03/29/2020 3:17 PM)

Dr. Fauci Says 200,000 Corona Deaths in the U.S. Are Possible, but It’s a Moving Target (03/29/2020 12:30 PM)

No Excuse: Trump Screwed Up Big Time (03/29/2020 11:18 AM)

Florida’s Largest ‘Republican-Rich’ Retirement Community Hit with Coronavirus (03/29/2020 10:07 AM)

Russia Not Immune to Coronavirus Pandemic - Cases Escalating (03/29/2020 9:32 AM)

Trump Cancels GM Joint Venture to Mass Produce Ventilators: Too Expensive! (03/29/2020 8:42 AM)

IMF Chief Warns ‘Sudden Stop’ Means ‘We Have Entered the Global Recession’ (03/28/2020 6:02 PM)

Gold Falls Back Friday by US$6.20. Still Enjoys Single Best Week Since 2008 (03/28/2020 3:10 PM)

Purell Hand Sanitizer Maker Denied Relief from Tariffs Imposed on Chinese Products (03/28/2020 2:36 PM)

Washington Governor Inslee Rips Trump During Governors Meeting Friday Using Football Analogy (03/27/2020 4:17 PM)

Trump Publically REFUSES to Send New York Requested 30,000 Ventilators (03/27/2020 4:01 PM)

The Daily Briefing For March 27th: Futures Lower As Profit Taking Begins On Rally (03/27/2020 9:16 AM)

Could Trump be Plotting a U.S. Invasion into a South American Country to Save His Presidency? (03/26/2020 4:45 PM)

The Daily Briefing for March 26th: Futures All Over The Place (03/26/2020 9:10 AM)

“I have no problem with Glenn Beck dying so older people can live. Does anyone?” (03/25/2020 7:17 PM)

Anti-Malarial Drug NOT the Miracle President Trump Promised: Study (03/25/2020 6:40 PM)

The Daily Briefing For March 25th: Trading Is Very Volatile Today (03/25/2020 10:26 AM)

If Trump Fires Dr. Fauci it Will Doom his Presidency well before the November Election (03/24/2020 5:00 PM)

Lucifer’s Spawn? MAGA? Trump’s Poll Numbers Rise as the U.S. Faces the Possibility of 1.7 million deaths (03/24/2020 1:43 PM)

The Daily Briefing For March 24th: Futures Higher On Hopes Of A Stimulus Bill (03/24/2020 9:22 AM)

Famous Real Estate Investor, Warns of Catastrophic Economic Consequences (03/23/2020 4:19 PM)

President Trump Potentially Could Kill Millions with His Incompetence and Ignorance (03/23/2020 1:07 PM)

As Trump Bragged About the “Incredible Job,” He’s Doing on Sunday -- Stock Futures Plunge Again! (03/23/2020 12:30 PM)

The Daily Briefing For March 23rd: Stocks All Over The Place As We Await A Stimulus Bill (03/23/2020 11:07 AM)

Senator Rand Paul Diagnosed with Coronavirus and is in Quarantine (03/22/2020 8:11 PM)

The First Really Good Pandemic News (03/22/2020 5:56 PM)

Trump Gets an F! (03/22/2020 12:45 PM)

Lou Dobbs May Have COVID-19 and is in Self-Quarantine After Staffer Tests Positive. (03/22/2020 9:48 AM)

Trump and Pence Must Both Resign Immediately: President Pelosi Should be Sworn in ASAP (03/21/2020 6:20 PM)

Coronavirus (COVID-19), Chinese Flu, Kung Flu Statistics (03/21/2020 5:58 PM)

Goldman Sachs Predicts ‘Unprecedented’ 24% Drop in U.S. GDP Next Quarter (03/21/2020 2:07 PM)

The Daily Briefing For March 20th: A Volatile Day (03/20/2020 1:27 PM)

Four U.S. Senators May Have Used Insider Info to Sell Stocks to Avoid Loses (03/20/2020 11:54 AM)

China’s Economic Slow Recovery Spells Genuine Concern for U.S. Recovery (03/19/2020 3:36 PM)

The Daily Briefing For March 19th:Volatility Big Today (03/19/2020 10:10 AM)

‘Dr. Doom’ Warns Second Great Depression Unless there is a Massive Government Stimulus (03/18/2020 4:36 PM)

The Daily Briefing For March 18th: A Miracle A Limit Down That Held (03/18/2020 10:50 AM)

Saudi Arabia’s Increases Oil Production Daily Capacity by 1 Million Barrels in Defiance of Russia. (03/17/2020 5:07 PM)

Iran Tells its Citizens ‘Millions’ In-Country Could Die From Coronavirus (03/17/2020 2:32 PM)

The Daily Briefing For March 17th: Futures Higher (03/17/2020 9:46 AM)

Goldman Sachs Warns the S&P Could Slide to 2,000! (03/16/2020 4:07 PM)

The Daily Briefing For March 16th: Futures Limit Down (03/16/2020 8:59 AM)

The Week Ahead For March 16th To 20th: Coronavirus Hits The U.S. At Full Speed (03/15/2020 9:53 PM)

Shocking Coronavirus Outcome Prediction (03/15/2020 3:49 PM)

JPMorgan Report Predicts U.S. Recession (03/15/2020 12:35 PM)

President Trump Refuses to Admit He Shut-Down NSC White House Pandemic Unit (03/14/2020 8:22 PM)

Beijing’s Diplomat Accuses U.S. Military of Unleashing Coronavirus Bio-Weapon (03/14/2020 5:18 PM)

‘I Don’t Take Responsibility - At All’ (03/14/2020 2:37 PM)

Allianz Adviser Assures Investors, It Will Get Better-After Some More Pain (03/14/2020 9:14 AM)

The Daily Briefing For March 13th: NCAA Cancels March Madness, Wall Street Does Not! (03/13/2020 10:04 AM)

Dow Jones Rallies After Fed Announces $500 Billion in Short-Term Bank Funding Then Collapses Again (03/12/2020 2:49 PM)

Trump’s Speech: Painful to Watch; Sends DJI 2000 pts (03/12/2020 12:27 PM)

The Daily Briefing For March 12th: Stock Lower, Again (03/12/2020 11:06 AM)

World Health Organization Officially Declares Coronavirus - A Pandemic (03/11/2020 4:16 PM)

The Daily Briefing For March 11th: Futures Lower As U.S. COVID-19 Case Rise Above 1,000 (03/11/2020 9:13 AM)

Well Regarded Hedge-Fund Manager Kyle Bass Predicts the Worst of the Crisis is a Month Away (03/10/2020 4:56 PM)

Trump’s Kakistocracy Knocks Record 2,013 Points Off the Dow Jones–Record Single Day Plunge (03/10/2020 1:52 PM)

President Trump Proves He’s Unable to Comprehend World Economic and Health Issues (03/10/2020 10:52 AM)

The Daily Briefing For March 10th: Futures Higher After Yesterday's Rout (03/10/2020 9:26 AM)

Danger! (03/09/2020 1:41 PM)

The Daily Briefing For March 9th: Circuit Breakers In Effect Today (03/09/2020 11:03 AM)

Oil Plummets 31% Worst Loss Since Gulf War as Price Fight Erupts (03/08/2020 9:02 PM)

Shocking Coronavirus Prediction Made by Leading Expert (03/08/2020 5:02 PM)

China’s President Xi and Donald J. Trump Both Lying – about Coronavirus Numbers and Recovery (03/07/2020 4:19 PM)

Larry Kudlow’s Advice Could Get People Very Sick or Dead (03/07/2020 2:50 PM)

Trump LIES About His Soaring Poll Numbers (03/06/2020 4:22 PM)

President Trump Admits, “We’ll be Cutting" ENTITLEMENTS! (03/06/2020 1:37 PM)

The Daily Briefing For March 6th: Ugly End To The Week (03/06/2020 12:54 PM)

President Trump Tells Sean Hannity; it’s Okay to go to Work with the Coronavirus (03/05/2020 4:14 PM)

President Trump’s Next MAGA Re-election Rally Just Needs One Person in Attendance to Infect Thousands (03/05/2020 2:03 PM)

Know-Nothing President Trump Says World Health Organization Coronavirus Death Rate -- Fake News (03/05/2020 10:25 AM)

The Daily Briefing For March 5th: Futures Deeply In The Red (03/05/2020 9:20 AM)

Australian Coronavirus Panic: Forces Toilet Panic Rationing (03/04/2020 12:20 PM)

The Daily Briefing For March 4th: Futures Higher As Volatility Remains Front And Center (03/04/2020 9:34 AM)

The Daily Briefing For March 3rd: Stock Index Trading Wildly (03/03/2020 9:29 AM)

Why a Coronavirus Recession Looks Increasingly Likely: Trump’s Worst Re-election Nightmare (03/02/2020 12:50 PM)

Does Pope Francis Have Coronavirus? (03/02/2020 11:57 AM)

The Daily Briefing For March 2nd: Crazy Morning For Futures (03/02/2020 9:48 AM)

Is Senator Lindsey Graham’s Re-election in Solidly RED STATE really in danger? (03/01/2020 6:04 PM)

The U.S. Stock Market has Seen $6 Trillion in Wealth Erased Due to Coronavirus (03/01/2020 3:59 PM)

OPEC Faces Genuine Threat of Coronavirus Plummeting Oil Prices to $40, $35 and even $30 (03/01/2020 2:58 PM)

South Korea Coronavirus Epidemic Surges to Over 3,000 Cases (03/01/2020 8:14 AM)

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