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Archived Articles: 08/2019

The Daily Briefing For August 19th: Futures Higher As Trade Fears Abate (08/19/2019 11:03 AM)

In 2019 Over $4.3 Billion have been Stolen by Crypto Criminals (08/19/2019 10:33 AM)

Trump Makes Key Appointment That Could Outrage China (08/18/2019 3:42 PM)

Trump Treasury Dept Considering Sales of 50 and 100 Year Debt Bonds as Yields Plummet (08/18/2019 2:25 PM)

China Giving Trump and U.S. Farmers the Bird! (08/17/2019 12:43 PM)

China Considering State-Run Cryptocurrency to Compete with Facebook’s Libra? (08/16/2019 12:58 PM)

The Daily Briefing: Futures Higher On Promise That The U.S. and China Are Talking (08/16/2019 9:11 AM)

The Daily Briefing For August 15th: Futures All Over The Place (08/15/2019 9:45 AM)

Trump Concedes His Trade Tariff is, in Fact, Import Taxes Americans Pay! (08/14/2019 1:24 PM)

Trump’s Reelection Hopes Tied to U.S. Economy That is Now Showing Signs of Approaching Recession (08/14/2019 11:24 AM)

The Daily Briefing For August 14th: Futures Getting Crushed. Buy The Dip? (08/14/2019 9:03 AM)

Did AG William Barr Visit Jeffrey Epstein Shortly After His First So-Called Suicide Attempt? (08/14/2019 12:42 AM)

China Trade War: Did Trump Just Blink? (08/14/2019 12:14 AM)

Futures Reverse From Loss To A Gain On Trade news (08/13/2019 10:57 AM)

Trump Continues to Justify His State Sanctioned Child Abuse and Torture (08/12/2019 1:55 PM)

The Daily Briefing For August 12th: Futures In The Red (08/12/2019 9:51 AM)

Was Epstein Murdered to Protect Attorney General Barr and President Trump? (08/11/2019 6:55 PM)

Volatility Is Back Just When It Is Supposed To Be (08/09/2019 2:28 PM)

The Daily Briefing For August 9th: Futures Struggle Today (08/09/2019 11:13 AM)

The Daily Briefing For August 8th: Futures Higher As Market Calm Down (08/08/2019 8:57 AM)

Trump Still Against Assault Weapon Ban, Doubles Down on White Nationalist Rhetoric (08/07/2019 4:05 PM)

The Daily Briefing For August 7th: Futures Plummet On 10 Year Yields Dropping (08/07/2019 9:36 AM)

Biden Pledges Assault Weapon Ban and Buy-Back Program (08/06/2019 11:58 AM)

The Daily Briefing For August 6th: Futures Has A Wild Night. Bring Albert Einstein To Figure Out The Action! (08/06/2019 9:41 AM)

The Week Ahead For August 5th to 9th (08/06/2019 9:02 AM)

Murdoch Owner of FOX News and NY Post Implores Trump to Ban Assault Rifles (08/05/2019 4:19 PM)

The Trade War Has Seen Its First Full Fledged Battle (08/05/2019 1:28 PM)

The Daily Briefing For August 5th: Stocks In The Red (08/05/2019 11:40 AM)

President Trump is a White Nationalist Fascist Monster Inciting Murder (08/04/2019 1:38 PM)

The Daily Briefing For August 2nd: Trump Trashes The Market (08/02/2019 10:08 AM)

Yeesh....What Is The President Thinking???? (08/01/2019 12:57 PM)

The Daily Briefing For August 1st: Stocks Enter The Worst Month Of The Year (08/01/2019 9:07 AM)

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