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Archived Articles: 05/2019

Do You Have a Vitamin B12 Deficiency? (05/31/2019 5:10 PM)

The Two Words That Can Potentially Doom Trump’s Presidency (05/31/2019 12:29 PM)

Where did Earth's Gold Come From? (05/31/2019 11:59 AM)

Steny H. Hoyer Says It’s Time for Washington D.C. Statehood (05/30/2019 3:34 PM)

Merkel No New Brexit Negotiations unless UK Holds New Vote (05/30/2019 3:21 PM)

The Daily Briefing For May 30th: Dead Cat Bounce Today? (05/30/2019 10:19 AM)

New Therapeutic Strategy Allows Some Cancers to be Controlled (05/30/2019 9:46 AM)

Trump HUD Official Lynne Patton should be Subpoenaed Immediately (05/29/2019 4:17 PM)

Huge Layoffs at Ford Motor as Company Automates (05/29/2019 3:53 PM)

Mueller Drops Devastating Truth Bomb on President Trump (05/29/2019 1:18 PM)

The Daily Briefing For May 29th: Futures Lower On Trade Jitters (05/29/2019 9:03 AM)

Morgan Stanley Warning Of Recession Risk (05/28/2019 5:46 PM)

Robert Mueller Drew Up Obstruction Indictment Against Trump! (05/28/2019 3:55 PM)

Stanford Team Develops Brain-Rejuvenating Antibodies That Let Old Mice Think Like Youngsters (05/28/2019 12:46 PM)

The Daily Briefing For May 28th: Futures Higher Despite Trump Rhetoric (05/28/2019 10:08 AM)

The Week Ahead For May 27th to May 31st: A Thumbs Up Or Thumbs Down Week? (05/27/2019 7:39 PM)

Trump Receives Re-election Endorsement from Kim Jong Un? (05/27/2019 12:38 PM)

President Trump Treasonous Effort to Expose the Identity of CIA Mole in Putin’s Inner Circle (05/25/2019 12:25 PM)

President Trump Wants Former Members of the FBI Executed For Treason (05/24/2019 2:26 PM)

The Daily Briefing For May 24th: Futures Higher As President Trump Heads To Japan & Ireland (05/24/2019 9:28 AM)

“Deranged Donald” Finally Admits Don Jr. Committed Perjury! (05/23/2019 2:05 PM)

The Daily Briefing For May 23rd: Futures Lower On Economic Weakness & Trade Talk (05/23/2019 9:49 AM)

Trump Complains About $36 Million Mueller Investigation While the Cost of Golf Outings to Taxpayers Hits $102 Million! (05/23/2019 9:45 AM)

Weekly Timing Chart Of The S&P 500 (05/22/2019 11:07 AM)

The Daily Briefing For May 22nd: Futures Lower (05/22/2019 9:45 AM)

The Daily Briefing For May 21st: Futures On The Mend (05/21/2019 9:14 AM)

The Week Ahead For May 20th to 24th (05/21/2019 9:07 AM)

Trump Threatens To Nuke! Another Iran Wag the Dog Diversion? (05/20/2019 11:57 AM)

The Daily Report For May 20th: Futures Lower As Chip Stocks Shut Down Huawei (05/20/2019 8:59 AM)

Deutsche Bank Analysts Implicate Trump and Kushner! (05/19/2019 4:02 PM)

Antibiotic-Resistant Infections can be Killed by Genetically Engineered Viruses (05/17/2019 4:16 PM)

Bitcoin Accepted By Mainstream Retailers! (05/17/2019 2:18 PM)

Echoes of 1929? (05/17/2019 2:15 PM)

The Daily Briefing For May 17th: Futures Lately Is A Roll Of The Dice (05/17/2019 8:55 AM)

Trump’s War Hawks are Trying to Justify a War with Iran (05/16/2019 5:56 PM)

The Daily Briefing For May 16th: Futures Higher (05/16/2019 8:30 AM)

Traditional U.S. Allies Want No Part of President Trump’s March to War (05/15/2019 5:19 PM)

Don’t Get Burned by a Suckers Rallies in the Stock Market! (05/15/2019 10:58 AM)

The Daily Briefing For May 15th: Futures Drop. Was Yesterday A Dead Cat Bounce? (05/15/2019 9:01 AM)

Joe Biden Says Trump’s China Trade War Strategy is Fatality Flawed! (05/14/2019 5:20 PM)

Drone Strikes on Saudi Arabia Oil Assets May Be the Beginning of a Horrific Event (05/14/2019 2:20 PM)

The Daily Briefing For May 14th: Futures Rebound After Worst Day Of The Year (05/14/2019 9:20 AM)

The Week Ahead: May 13 To 17th (05/13/2019 5:27 PM)

The Dow Jones Takes a 650+ Point Nose Dive as Trade War Accelerates (05/13/2019 1:35 PM)

Military Invasion of Venezuela to Remove Maduro Increasingly Likely (05/13/2019 12:58 PM)

China Threatens To Walk Away From Trade Talks (05/13/2019 10:16 AM)

The Daily Briefing For May 13th: Futures Getting Rocked (05/13/2019 8:47 AM)


The Daily Briefing For May 10th: New Tarrifs In Effect & Uber Begins Trading Today (05/10/2019 9:11 AM)

Trump: Increased Chinese Tariffs Imports Will Bring In $100B A Year-WRONG! (05/09/2019 2:45 PM)

Bitcoin Hackers Pull Off $40M Cyber Heist! (05/09/2019 2:22 PM)

The Daily Briefing For May 9th: Futures Struggle Again & lots of Fed Speak Today (05/09/2019 9:09 AM)

Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Predicting Trump Will Raise China Tariffs (05/08/2019 5:54 PM)

Exercise Helps You Live Better for Longer (05/08/2019 3:36 PM)

How To Track The Market As It Gets Toppy (05/08/2019 3:26 PM)

Trump Moves Towards A Post Presidency Prison Sentence! (05/08/2019 3:12 PM)

The Daily Briefing For May 8th: Futures All Over The Place This Morning (05/08/2019 9:02 AM)

Would President Trump Start Two Wars, At The Same Time? (05/07/2019 3:00 PM)

The Daily Briefing For May 7th: Futures Weak Again (05/07/2019 8:58 AM)

President Trump Threatens To Raise Tariffs After China Balks (05/06/2019 4:28 PM)

Constipated? Try Eating a Mango (05/06/2019 11:37 AM)

Trump Claims US Tariffs Have Delivered Great Economic Results (05/06/2019 11:19 AM)

The Daily Briefing For May 6th: Futures Getting Rocked (05/06/2019 9:17 AM)

The Week Ahead For May 6th to 10th: Fedspeak Dominates The Action (05/05/2019 9:55 PM)

Trump’s Obstruction is Damaging Congressional Oversight (05/03/2019 3:21 PM)

Trump Rolls Back Mega-Oil Spill Avoidance Regulations (05/03/2019 3:01 PM)

The Daily Briefing For May 3rd: Jobs Friday- A Thumbs Up Or Down? (05/03/2019 8:28 AM)

Trump Bails On Moore Federal Reserve Pick Pledges ‘I’m All In’ Pledge (05/02/2019 4:07 PM)

S&P Up 18% This Year Through April. What's Next? (05/02/2019 3:44 PM)

The Daily Briefing For May 2nd: Futures Struggling Here (05/02/2019 9:06 AM)

Congo Ebola Breaks Single Day Record For New Infections (05/01/2019 4:17 PM)

The Daily Briefing For May 1st: Fed Day (05/01/2019 3:43 PM)

FOX News Declares War With FOX News Over Reality (05/01/2019 1:52 PM)

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