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October 4, 2023

About the Retirement Calculator

IRA Calculator
Input Values:
Retirement Age:
Expected number of years to live after retirement:
Required retirement monthly income after taxes (today's dollars):
Expected monthly Social Security benefits:
Current retirement money already saved / invested:
Expected future contributions toward retirement:
Frequency: Monthly
or Yearly
Expected annual % return on retirement investments before retirement: %
Expected annual % return on retirement investments during retirement: %
Expected tax rate at retirement: %
Expected annual inflation rate from now to retirement: %
Years to Retirement:
Today's savings will be worth:
Future savings will be worth:
Total Value will be:
Total Principal Invested will be:
Your Monthly Income Goal:
Monthly after-tax income needed to feel like today:
Your Actual Monthly Income:
Monthly pre-tax income at retirement for years:
Monthly after-tax income at retirement for years:
Social Security:
Actual Monthy Income:
Difference between actual and goal:

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