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Investment Tools

Options Risk Profiles

Ever wonder what the risk profile is of a call option? A vertical spread? How about something more exotic like an albatross spread? They're all here with full descriptions, breakeven points, and even synthetic equivalent positions. Use this tool to help with risk-reward decisions for more profitable options trading.

Profit and Loss Diagram Tool

Ever wonder what the risk of your stock and option positions are? You can find out easily with this profit and loss diagram tool!

IRA Savings Calculator

The retirement calculator should be used as a tool to demonstrate the power of incremental returns in the market. If you show a monthly deficit, go back and slightly increase the rate of return (especially the pre-retirement rate) and observe the dramatic difference it can make.

This calculator should not be used solely as a financial guide for retirement as there are many other variables that will affect your results. It is designed to be an easy-to- use tool that accounts for the major variables.

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