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December 9, 2023

Course #101: Basic Investing


This course is specifically designed for people who are brand new to investing. It will give you a solid overview of the most important topics – the basics. Most mistakes that investors make are due to a misunderstanding of these basic concepts. If you are not sure about the risk-reward relationship, how stock prices are formed, how margin accounts work, how to short a stock, or even why we have a stock market, then this course is for you!

Even if you have some experience trading stocks, you still may wish to review this course. Many experienced investors inadvertently base their trading on myths. And whenever you base a trading style on myths, you will inevitably run into problems – no matter how sound your trading style may be otherwise. Whether you’re new or experienced, an understanding or review of the basics can never hurt.

This section closes with a very in-depth course on option basics. If you have an interest in trading options but are unfamiliar with them, this course will step you through the basic terms and concepts and even introduce you to some basic strategies. After completing it, you will have the necessary knowledge to graduate to the advanced options trading course!

Course Outline

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