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Dan Hassey

Dan Hassey has a passion for investing and sharing his knowledge to educate the individual investor. With his education, experience and expertise, Dan can help you with your investing and trading. His goal is to help you make money!

Education, Experience and Passion for Investing

Dan’s passion for investing started in graduate business school at UCLA about 35 years ago. Upon graduating with his MBA, Dan started his investment career as a stock broker in Merrill Lynch’s Beverly Hills office. He went on to work for other well-known Wall Street firms as well as a famous futures funds manager.

Because of his vast knowledge, experience, and passion for investing and trading, Dan is often asked to develop and present educational courses as well as investment and trading seminars. He has presented investment and trading seminars all over the country from Sacramento, California to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Excellent Track Record with a High Win to Loss Ratio

Dan realized a long time ago that his first priority is to make his clients money. That has always been his primary focus. He’s good at it and has the track record to prove it.

Dan is a Senior Research Analyst who provides recommendations, educational articles, a monthly economic outlook as well as a monthly market outlook for the Gold and Energy Advisor and a Baby Boomer income producing service that is part of Superstock Investor.

The Gold and Energy Advisor started in 2004 and was fully invested by the end of 2005. Recommendations since inception averaged about 17.56% per year. Dan’s win/loss ratio was about 96% because of his strong buy and sell discipline and his repair strategies which he honed over many years.

Dan’s Baby Boomer Portfolio was started during the bear market of 2008, and was fully invested by the end of 2009. The portfolio is focused on generating cash from dividends, options writing, and some short- and long- term profits. The average income generated each year since inception has been about 10%. His win/loss ratio since inception is about 91%.

Strong Commitment to Investor Education

Dan has written many investment education articles for our subscribers. His recommendations explain the technicals and fundamentals including a focus on valuations.

Dan will help you become a more informed, better investor and trader.

His personal library includes many investment, trading, economic, and business books. He has reviewed many of them and includes them in our education section. Click here to read about the best investment and trading books that every investor should own and master.

Dan also co-wrote a technical analysis course for our subscribers. It goes beyond most technical analysis books as it has exercises, quizzes and tests to make sure you understand this important discipline. He often refers to this course in his recommendations and educational articles. Click here to take the course.