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Most publishers of online and direct mail publications exaggerate their track records along with the upside potential offered by their publications and even use phony testimonials. We are different.

Making matters worse publishers editors and analysts qualifications are often made up or are wildly exaggerated. Some websites accept stock analysis from amateurs and even authors that refuse to reveal their identities. We are different.

Finding solid stock research can be incredibly hard for individual investors. Online paid and free investment newsletters and trading services are notorious — for their conflicts of interest. Many of the online paid and free investment newsletters, trading services are nothing more than companies that are sourcing investor names and contact information in order to generate revenues by renting their mailing lists to stock promoters. This means they spam their subscribers as often as 3 times a day with penny stock promotions designed to look like genuine research. We are different.

WallStreetRebel.com is different!

Hello my name is James DiGeorgia and I am dedicated to providing reliable 100% independent, unbiased buy, sell and hold recommendations based on our unique quantitative model that includes a bottom up valuation approach and unique technical trading analysis measured by long term, short term investor sentiment. My partner Geoff Garbacz and I started Wall Street Rebel to give you the investor a taste of what we offer via our paid newsletters.

We do not rent our mailing list to stock promoters, and will not accept stock promotion banner ads. Our track record claims will also be accurate and we only use valid documented testimonials.

WallStreetRebel.com features the analysis of some of the brightest professional stock and market analysts in the world. Read on to learn more about me and those that contribute to Wall Street Rebel.

James Dale Davidson Editor of Strategic Investment s spent over 30 years as a specialist “crisis investor,” which has taught him that it’s always the hardworking … the savers … the taxpayers … the folks who “play by the rules” who suffer the most.

About a decade ago, he retired from the investment advisory world — but he returned to Strategic Investment - now published Wall Street Rebel, because he refused to sit idly by while Wall Street and Washington’s incompetence tore apart the lives of decent, hardworking Americans.

James has been warning investors about the dangers of a financial collapse for over 20 years. The first time was in his 1987 book, Blood in the Streets: Investment Profits in a World Gone Mad. Then he warned about America’s dire fiscal trends again in his 1994 book, The Great Reckoning: Protecting Yourself in the Coming Depression (which he wrote alongside former editor of The Times of London, Lord William Rees-Mogg). He has also written The Age of Deception and his new book The Breaking Point: Profit from the Coming Money Cataclysm

He’s also spent most of his adult life taking on an overreaching government. In 1974, he founded the National Taxpayers Union, which for 35 years has been protecting your right and that of every American to keep what they’ve earned. NTU is a nonprofit, nonpartisan citizen group whose (350,000) members work every day for lower taxes and smaller government at all levels. Later, he co wrote The Sovereign Individual in 1997 to help people take control of their lives and investments.

In September 1989, he also testified before the House Ways and Means Committee about the dangers of government sponsored enterprises (GSEs), such as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. It was one of the first oversight hearings on GSEs.

Over the years, he’s also helped investors protect their wealth and profit by accurately forecasting some of the biggest political shifts of our time … events such as the death of the Soviet Union … the fall of the Berlin Wall … the rise of Islamic terrorism … and the recent bank bailouts. These predictions were deemed “impossible” when they were made. (Newsweek even described his forecasts as “an unthinking attack on reason.”) But subsequent events have proven him right.

James DiGeorgia: The founder the Gold & Energy Advisor and wunderkind, a self-made millionaire before he turned 21, turning a hobby of coin collecting he began at the age of seven into a multi-million dollar business while still a teenager. Remarkably, James launched his first rare coin business, Gem Coins, in Connecticut in 1976 in Danbury’s North Street shopping complex while he was still a junior in high school.

As the bull market in silver and gold from 1976 though 1980 gained momentum, James was able to generate over a million dollars in profits from less than $25,000 he obtained from his childhood collection. Graduating from Western Connecticut State University in 1980, completing a BA in Economics, he went to work over the following 11 years for some of the most prestigious precious metals and numismatic firms in the world.

James DiGeorgia has extensive experience in precious metals and the energy markets, and is considered one of the world’s foremost authorities in both sectors. James is the author of the bestselling book “The Global War for Oil” and “The New Bull Market in Gold: $1,000 Gold and the Many Ways to Profit from it”.

James is also the author of the “Insider’s Guide to Buying Gold, Silver and Rare Coins” and co wrote what many consider the definitive book on Options Trading “An Investor’s Guide to Understanding and Mastering Options Trading”.

James has been frequently quoted as an expert in The New York Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Money magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Time Magazine, AP News, Bloomberg, Barron’s and literally dozens of mainstream online and traditional financial news publications. James has also appeared on the BBC, BBN, FOX’s Cavuto and Company, and Street.com as a precious metals, oil and energy expert.

James resides in Delray Beach Florida with his wife Lisa and his beloved twins.





Geoff GarbaczGeoff Garbacz : The co-founder and one of two principals in Quantitative Partners, Inc. (QPI). QPI is responsible for the marketing and support both to institutions and individuals of Phil Erlanger Research and Jefferson Research who produce newsletters  for individuals, www.erlangersqueezeplay.com and www.torpedowatch.com. QPI also works with IPO Financial Network the premier research firm in the IPO and seconday space.

QPI and Geoff have worked with Superstock Investor to develop the daily email, The Morning Briefing, as well as The Morning Matters Portfolio and now The Baby Boomer Portfolio.  Geoff also serves as the co-editor with James of Superstock Investor, Gold And Energy Options Trader and Options Index Trader.

Geoff and his team at Quantitative Partners have over 50 years of experience on Wall Street. Prior to the formation of QPI in 1995, Geoff worked for The Robinson Humphrey Company from 1990 to 1995. Before that he worked for Capital Institutional Services (CAPIS) as an institutional sales person covering accounts in New York from 1986 to 1990.
Geoff is a graduate of Gettysburg College with Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. Geoff and his wife reside in Madison, Wisconsin with their son Max and their two dogs.






Option Research & Technology Services LLC

(“ORATS”) have become leading providers of option volatility research and software. Each day we use ORATS to track unusual put and call activity across our various option services and Superstock Investor. ORATS sprung from dissatisfaction by traders with available methods of observing statistical and implied volatility. To alleviate this dissatisfaction, they have developed patent pending methods that perform the following critical tasks: calculating statistical volatility from tick-by-tick hedging profits and; describing the implied volatility skew by summarizing it with three primary descriptors: at-the-money volatility, slope and derivative (curvature) From these accurate calculations, they develop volatility forecasts for all index and equity options


Phil ErlangerPhil Erlanger: After a tenure as the Chief Technical Analyst at Advest, Phil Erlanger became the Senior Technical Analyst at Fidelity Research and Management in the early 1990s, working alongside star portfolio managers Peter Lynch and Jeff Vinik.

At Fidelity, Phil’s proprietary price models and sentiment analysis called some of the biggest wins for Fidelity in this era, including billions of dollars of transactions on junk bonds, currencies, and equities.

Since 1994, Phil Erlanger Research, Inc. has provided unique technical analysis and quantitative research for many of the world’s top financial institutions. His proprietary data and analysis are currently in use at institutions that collectively manage over $1 trillion in assets.

Widely regarded as one of the foremost technical analysts in the world, Mr. Erlanger was presented with the Market Technicians Association’s coveted Best-of-the-Best Award for Computer Assisted Analysis several times. Phil has served two terms as President of the MTA. We are huge users of Erlanger Chart Room and follow his recommendations closely at www.goodmorningwallst.com.

Steve Beaman: Presently, founder & chairman of The Steve Beaman Group and its subsidiary, The Society for the Advancement of Financial Education (SAFE). Companies dedicated to helping individuals and businesses build better and more prosperous lives through financial & economic literacy.

Each week Steve and Geoff Garbacz discuss markets and we publish these discussions onto Wall Street Rebel.

Steve is the author of “The American Dream Under Fire”, two published e-books, a 2 volume, 12 c.d. audio library, and over 100 S.A.F.E. Insights highlighting key economic and financial issues facing people today. He has been the keynote speaker at numerous Chamber of Commerce events, and industry conferences and has been a guest on televised financial programs, and he hosts his own monthly radio program, Life-Changes.

Prior to founding the Steve Beaman Group, Steve established DuPage Business Partners, a venture capital and private equity firm that utilized the capital he had accumulated through the sale of his prior company. Through DuPage Partners, he invested in several companies in various industries.

Steve Beaman’s most public success was the co-founding, development and sale of Chicago Investment Analytics, the premier provider of independent research on Wall Street. In 2000, after a successful 10 year run, “CIA” as it was known was sold to Charles Schwab and became the foundation of what is now known as the Schwab Equity Rating. During his time there, Steve was called “the best in the business” by one of the largest money managers in the U.S.

Prior to founding CIA, Steve worked with Wharton Econometrics, Zacks Investment Research, and the E.F. Hutton Company. He is a licensed Private Pilot, and a licensed Scuba Diver.
Steve studied Political Science and History at Purdue University and attends College Church in Wheaton, IL.

David Menlow: may be the most knowledgeable individual covering the initial public offering (IPO) as well as the secondary issuance space. His company IPO Financial Research is the top player in this research area. David is a frequent contributor to CNBC and they seek him out for valuable information in this niche market.

Soon we will have a weekly column with David discussing the state of the IPO and secondary market.

Whenever a company is coming public, investors turn to David to know whether it is a hot deal or if they should step aside. Moreover, as companies now need access to more capital, David’s secondary rankings will help investors make sense of the pending deal.

In addition to his timely ranks, David is covering many IPOs as they move from an infant company to a teenager. Currently, David is producing research on over 400 companies.

Bruce GulliverDr. Bruce Gulliver: is the founder of Jefferson Research and Torpedo Watch. This newsletter provides investors a disciplined way to identify and track companies that are going to underperform and outperform the market. Investors who follow Torpedo Watch will be able to cut down on the number of losing stocks in their portfolio as well as ensuring that they do not see a sudden drop the value of their 401k and the portion that is held in company stock.

Bruce has a PhD in Business Economics from Claremont Graduate School. He also received his CFA in 1990. Bruce has been a distinguished speaker before AIMR and other conferences.

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